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where's my crunch?

where’s my crunch?

we can all agree a healthy eating plan is best comprised of whole foods, balanced protein, vegetables and whole grains. we love the idea of three balanced meals under 400 calories and three balanced snacks picked fresh from the garden, sliced under a sun beam and filled with organic, non-gmo, gluten free love, but our real diet seems to be a little different.

we squeeze in some overnight oats or a smoothie eaten in the traffic jam on the way to work. we munch on a warm salad that’s been in our desk since eight. we slurp up a power shake on the way to the gym. a banana which has seen better days is crammed in our mouths as we make it back home to prepare dinner. sound about right?

where’s the crunch?

we understand that feeling. the need to put something crispy, crunchy and right out of a bag directly into our stomachs, but no, we all resist our favorite grain chips in the vending machine.

what if we told you, you can have your chips and eat them too? with i won! organics you can have your balanced snack, filled with organic, non-gmo, gluten free love that was surely picked under a sun beam! you can also have that satisfying snap between your teeth as you munch on delicate chips that pack a wallop for health!

i won! protein chips on salad

no matter when that craving hits, there is a flavor to satisfy. cinnamon french toast dipped in that morning yogurt. ranch chips to give the crunch back to your salad. a little sea salt to flavor that banana. or just grab some siracha to spice up that boring afternoon meeting! no matter which flavor you choose, you will get the same wholefood quality with 12 grams of plant protein to make that little bag of crunch into a snack your body can use!

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