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momma always said eat your peas

momma always said eat your peas

in a consistently growing health conscious community, it can be difficult to find what works best for your body. a simple approach is trial and error. if you’re reading this, then you’ve added a little research in with your hands-on approach. so what is the deal with the sudden emergence of pea protein in your favorite snacks, powders and meal replacements?

the fact is, that tiny, innocuous ball of yellow or green is a power-packed nutritional wonder! who knew? your momma, that’s who.

the pea is a readily available protein substitute that has a fairly simple process for extracting the isolate. peas are harvested, dried, crushed, filtered with water to extract the fiber and starch leaving the protein and some natural minerals, aminos and vitamins and then dried into a powder again. you may not be doing it in your kitchen, but it is a very viable source of plant based protein for the food conscious.

yellow peas pea protein

 in only one ounce, or about 1/8 of a cup, of pea protein isolate, you will get around 100 calories, 20 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and a dose of vitamins D, E, K and A. remember when we mentioned aminos up there? MIT proved peas have it all! where the amino acid debate comes in are two amino acids, methionine and cysteine, which are low level in the pea. luckily they are high in rice protein. so the perfect combo for plant based protein perks are peas and rice. sound much like a dinner you had a few thousand times as a kid? told you momma knew best.

rice and peas

pea protein isolate breaks down to be about 85% protein with vitamins, carbs and a bit of healthy fat. it’s also easy for your body to digest and yet takes a while to fully process, meaning it won’t stress out your digestive track, but it will keep it fuller longer! if you’re questioning this last bit, it is most likely due to antinutrients which are more prevalent in the whole form of peas, but have been mostly filtered out when sourcing the protein isolate. they have been repeatedly proven to be readily bioavailable, meaning they have an active effect in the body due to rapidly being absorbed into the body. so the common antinutrients in whole fruits and vegetables that make them tougher to digest clearly does not impact pea protein isolate. same goes for whatever it is in peas that can cause bloating.

yellow pea protein

so in reality, who really knows best? i won! organics! eating your peas has never been more delicious. in fact we challenge you to stop at one serving! in every bag of i won! organics chips you get 12 grams of all plant-based protein with the perfect blend of easily digested, non-bloating pea and rice goodness. top that off with a mouth full of zingy bbq, sweet cinnamon, spicy siracha, creamy ranch or wholesome sea salt, and your peas have never tasted so good! so grab a bag and make momma proud.

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