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new look, new taste, same great nutrition

i won! organics has always had one goal, to deliver the highest quality product in flavor and health. the fancy bags are just a bonus! if you haven’t tried our new and improved, crunchy, taste-bud wowing, full body loving snack, then you are missing out on what will become your guiltless pleasure very soon. if you’re thinking we’re just another chip, keep reading.

i won! organics

no other chip on the market can hold up to the endless flexibility of i won! organics. you can absolutely grab your favorites, ranch, bbq, sriracha, sea salt or cinnamon french toast and dive directly into the bag, licking up every last crumb with complete satisfaction, but you can also utilize the 12 grams of protein to add a punch to any meal.

for a quick example, think shake and bake.

open a bag of bbq flavored and crush them up into fine pieces but not complete powder. you now have an instant bbq zing and a crispy breading. if you eat chicken, lightly dust the outside with a flour of your choice. we like almond flour. then dip in whisked egg, shaking off the excess. finally, press the chicken into the crushed bbq, i won! chips. to keep things healthy, place the chicken on a non-stick baking sheet and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 – 30 minutes, or until cooked through.

be sure to turn it once for even crisping!

keep your bbq theme with a fresh orzo salad done in southwest style! Orzo, fresh sliced bell peppers, juicy sliced tomatoes, green beans, feta cheese, and scoop with ranch or bbq i won! organics chips for added crunch and flavor. 

if it’s a family affair, a quick bowl of guacamole with the sriracha chips and salsa with the sea salt chips will keep everyone satisfied.

dinner has never been so healthy or delicious and packed with muscle loving protein! so next time you order, grab an extra box to keep in the pantry. enjoy.