mind and body reboot

In an epic age of technology and information, we are all living at faster speeds, making integral shifts in culture and discovering the incredible science behind the human body. Gone are the days of greasy diner breakfasts and meat and potato dinners. Salads are not only for ladies and athletes don’t live on meat and carbs alone. The world of information is literally at our fingertips and the science of health, body and food has never been more widely available and researched.

If you haven’t updated your diet to be more plant conscious, it is time for a reboot.

We understand you may not be up for jumping on the vegan train, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a more plant focused meal plan. “Why?” you ask. Let’s keep this simple.

why eat plants?

1. They’re good for your health. Simple.

More complex are the innumerable studies on how plant based foods lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help to clear arteries, balance insulin and glucose levels, aid in weight loss and lowers chances of disease in the body such as cancer and autoimmune disorders.

2. They save you money. Simple.

Comparatively speaking carrots are always cheaper than steak, but on a more practical level, making a large pot of lentils or vegetable stew can be done for around $10 dollars, while ordering dinner for four at a fast food chain will easily be $20 dollars or more.

3. It makes you a better human. Simple.

You may think that’s a stretch, but switching to a more predominantly plant based diet has huge effects on the overall wellbeing of the planet. It saves a significant amount of the earth’s available drinking water, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and waste pollution, helps prevent species extinction, slows marine life deterioration, slows deforestation and can help solve world hunger.

eat more plants 

The trick with any upgrade in technology or life is simplicity. Let’s face it, if it’s overly complicated, most of us aren’t interested. We want to click once, experience instant results and save our time and energy for the office, family and gym. That’s why we set out to offer you the very best plant based snacks, packed with protein, flavor and convenience. Who doesn’t have time to rip open a bag?

Throw them in a briefcase, lunchbox or gym bag, and your new healthy eating reboot has begun. With the perfect blend of pea and rice isolate proteins, for a complete protein chain, your body will get the nutrition, sustenance and energy it needs to operate at peak performance. This is an update you can’t afford to pass up.

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