finding balance in march

finding balance in march

march is national nutrition month, and this year the message is “eat right, bite by bite” reminding us that change is in the details. this month is all about finding balance in those details and learning how to cultivate a life of healthy choices for your diet and your body. when you pay attention to your daily choices, you begin to see the details that are making up who you are, what you look like, and how you feel. don’t let your observations overwhelm you! balance is not changing every detail at once. balance is about making small changes and sticking to them, one day at a time.

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no matter where you’re at with your eating habits, your exercise routines, or your body, it’s never too late or too hard to make small changes. this is about what you want and who you want to be. start by looking at what you typically eat and drink in a day. do you see healthy food choices with large amounts of fresh vegetables? do you drink enough water? have you checked the nutrition labels on everything in your pantry? if you feel good with what you eat, be sure you also check portion control and whether you are actually enjoying your food!

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what are your eating habits outside of the house? when you make plans to go to a restaurant, do you consider what’s available on the menu? do you check in with yourself on what you drink while out and about? be sure to plan what you will eat during your week, at home and when out during the day, and write out a grocery list accordingly.

Are you eating healthy and drinking enough water?

the biggest reason people struggle with consistently choosing healthy foods is a lack of creativity and/or comradery. avoid boredom in your diet by getting very specific with the foods you can and will eat and then get online to find some inspiration! don’t be afraid to try new recipes, different flavors, and foreign ingredients. remember to keep everything in balance and be sure to have some simple recipes as well. when you have the time and energy, experiment with your diet, otherwise, keep it simple. as for diet companionship, if you are a family person, be sure to include them on your healthy food journey. you will be more inspired and motivated if everyone is eating the same way. 

if you are a family person, be sure to include them on your healthy food journey.

remember, it’s all about balance, so be sure to allow yourself some flexibility, tasty treats when needed and in moderation, movement that allows your body to change and at times to rest, and as always do what makes you happy and brings you joy both inside and out. that is the real key to lasting change. even the smallest steps will be overwhelming if they are not made from a place of desire and positivity. 

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