this isn't your momma's fruit salad

this isn't your momma's fruit salad

long ago, it seemed every fruit salad was either bouncing around in jello or laced with extra calories and sugars. many of the fruit salads we remember had things like marshmallows, cream cheese, syrups, whipped cream, maraschino cherries and all kinds of artificial and completely unhealthy junk. the ambrosia salad played many a role at family gatherings and summer picnics, but today we know better!

fruit is plenty sweet enough. if you really crave that culinary edge, then herbs and spices should be your go to flavor resource. check out this salad below for your next summer bbq. your neighbors will thank you.

tropical cream

*for all fruits, fresh is best, frozen is next or last resort, a low sugar, organic canned option

toss all in a bowl and set aside

fruit salad

sauce time

combine into a blender or food processor

coconut cashew cream sauce

place almonds, honey, vanilla and sea salt in the blender, begin chopping on low and slowly add in the coconut milk. stop at ½ cup and keep blending. you do not want a paste. you want a cream. slowly add more until you reach the desired consistency. use a rubber spatula to scrape out the blender and gently fold the cream in with the fruit.

top with: cinnamon and unsweetened, shredded coconut

serve with a bowl of iwon cinnamon french toast or sea salt chips for an instant spoon! 

hungry yet? grab a bag.