plant-based reset

veganism and vegetarianism are not new concepts, and most people have fairly firm opinions on both lifestyles. now a new term is surfacing, plant-based eating. this is not to be lumped into a non-animal diet. plant-based eating is the ideal solution for those who want to be healthier and prepare foods with more planetary consciousness but are not quite open to never eating a burger again.

plant based eating means to choose foods that are derived from plants as the majority of your consumption.

it is a decision to make meat an occasional food choice and bring awareness to everything you put in your mouth.

plant-based eating extends past the ribeye. it also includes an awareness of animal products like eggs, milk, cheese and that can of tuna that’s in your pantry. this means reading the labels on your favorite snacks, bars and protein supplements.

it means stocking your kitchen with iwon chips and crackers!

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the easiest way to start resetting your diet is by eating more of your current favorite plant foods, like pastas, cereals, grains and soups and salads. in reality most things we eat are plant-based. we just tend to add the animal products to them. once you figure out the plant foods you really like, start creating daily or weekly menus for yourself to keep from falling back into old eating patterns.

take a look at which animal foods you don’t really like or rarely eat and decide to cut those out permanently. when you do choose to eat meat or dairy, choose your favorites! this way you don’t ever feel deprived.

remember this is a decision to make alterations not a full overhaul.

once you have tackled the baby steps at the beginning, be sure to avoid boredom. if you’ve had vegetable stir-fry every night for a week, you’re bound to eat a whole pig and wash it down with a gallon of milk! be creative! there are limitless recipes at all skill levels just waiting for you to find. get online. ask your vegan and vegetarian friends. call your mom.

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