noms for on the go

noms for on-the-go

summer’s not over yet… and with the weather still warm, we’re all looking for reasons to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and beauty the season has for us. we even choose more outdoor entertainment like the zoo, amusement parks, ball fields, cultivated trails and leisurely cycles through city green spaces. all these activities have a common thread that affects each of us. hunger. when expending extra calories through increased activity, our bodies need to eat more to give us the energy we need to carry on.

IWON organics protein snacks

if we haven’t planned the day and find ourselves in a public space, we will be hard-pressed to come across healthy snack options. there will be vendors with ice cream, popcorn, sodas and greasy foods, or worse you may find yourself staring at a vending machine! not to say a creamy scoop on a cone in the heat of summer is a bad thing, but you’re sure to find yourself hungry again very soon. that means this afternoon adventure becomes a string of high-calorie, high-sugar foods that do not satiate you. while we all enjoy a day like this every now and then, it’s important to have a back-up plan, so that you can choose when you want to splurge as opposed to not having any other option.

it’s best to keep nutritious snacks handy that will hold you over until you can find or prepare a good meal. this means they need sufficient calories to qualify as food and a balanced macro-nutrient profile to qualify as nutrition. if you’re thinking ahead, you can pack up vegetable sticks and almond butter, fresh fruit and some blue cheese, feta or swiss, raw or toasted nuts and seed blends, even your meal replacement powder or pre-made shake. for those of us handy in the kitchen, you can make up some on-the-go summer snacks like homemade granola with coconut oil or nutrition packed bliss bites.

healthy on-the-go snacks

while these are all great ideas, there are still those moments when you act on a whim and invite a little spontaneity into your day. it’s time for the ultimate plan to come to your rescue. it’s important to have snacks that are not heat or time sensitive. look for things with limited preservatives, that are organic, healthy and tasty and most importantly with a nutrient profile that will squash a hunger pain. carbs, fats and protein are your three main nutrients, and while each can fill you up, it is protein that stays with you the longest. that’s why you need iwon organics with 10-12 grams of protein per portion, 5 grams of fiber and 20-26 carbs. stash protein o’s in the back seat for the kids, protein stix in the glove box, protein puffs in their backpacks and protein chips in your bag. mix and match all you like and keep them handy from work and school to car and home. never get stuck with artificial nachos and truck stop burritos again.

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