how to avoid the winter weight

how to avoid the winter weight

the cool weather is here, and our energy seems to be zapped as we curl up to binge our favorite show and snack the evening away. the winter coat is not theoretical. on average, we tend to gain around six pounds over the winter season, and if we’re not careful, it can be even more. there’s a reason everyone’s new year’s resolution is to get fit. there’s no need to panic just yet. by knowing why we gain the weight, we can make efforts now to stop it before it starts.

How to Avoid the Winter Weight

a large part of the problem is genetics, but with some awareness, we can choose to ignore them. as the temperature drops, our bodies make some changes to keep us safe. historically, those who ate in winter survived, and those who didn’t … well. science now shows this is a survival method stored in our dna, and it creates certain biological shifts. one of which is our metabolism slightly speeds up as a way of increasing energy burn to heat up the body. this would normally be a good thing, but it also increases our hunger, so we eat more than we usually do.

because food could be hard to come by back in the harsh winters long ago, people would eat as much as they could when the opportunity arose. this is also hardcoded into our dna. that urge to make large comforting meals comes from a deeper urge to eat while you can. the body also knows that digestion heats us up and a little extra padding can keep us warm, so yet another trigger to eat high-carb, fat producing foods.

avoid high-carb, fat producing foods.

now you know why those mashed potatoes or that creamy pasta is much more tempting this time of year. every fiber in your body is screaming at you to eat, stay warm, stock up and survive! luckily, we live in a time where these warnings are not necessary, and we can choose to not listen. it may just be a bit harder than normal.

So what do you do about all that winter and holiday temptation?

the office is filled with christmas cookies, pumpkin lattes hide at every corner, dinner parties fill the weekends and late night tv has your hand in the snack jar. to avoid the seasonal temptations, it’s a matter of being prepared. one christmas cookie won’t hurt you, one every day or every hour becomes a problem. be sure to have your coffee pre-made from home and consider hot tea to get you through the day. when headed to a dinner, bring a large, healthy dish that you love and fill ¾ of your plate with nutritious choices, saving the last ¼ for splurges.

lastly the snacking! there seem to be snacks everywhere, and with the increased hunger and cold weather keeping you indoors, you may feel like you’re eating all day long. there are fewer fresh fruits and vegetables available, and the chill already has you headed for comfort foods. that’s why it’s important to have snacks that tempt you but don’t add to the waistline. consider things like baked sweet potato fries, roasted and spiced nuts or seeds in small amounts or whole wheat toast with melted almond butter and apple slices. for a grab and go snack while out and about or the crinkle of a bag while binging on better call saul, give yourself satisfaction and satiety with iwon organics protein puffs.

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