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holiday tips for balance

holiday season tips for balance

as the holidays kicked off with buckets and bags of sweet trick or treats, they will continue with sugar cookies dressed as snowmen, warm pies with cool cream, sweet breads, and sugary snacks on every table from the office to grandma’s house. there will be dinner parties, cocktail parties, family gatherings, and celebrations each with an array of temptations in glasses, bowls, and plates. let’s face it: this is the time of year to eat! so how do you survive the most joyful of seasons without spiraling come spring?

you choose right now to eat with awareness

even the most dedicated fitness regimes and controlled diets get a little rocky through january first, however those who live consciously now will be better equipped to carry that awareness throughout the holidays. the beauty about following the art of mindful eating is there are no restrictions. it’s all about portion control, balance, and listening to your body.

start with portions. plate sizes get bigger come thanksgiving and the amount of meals eaten per day often amplifies as well. if you know you have more than one dinner to attend, be extremely particular about which foods you choose to have and how much you stack on your plate. if it’s more than you normally eat, then it’s too much. you can find great satisfaction in enjoying two to three bites of your top favorites while avoiding the gastric distress and weight gain.

it's all about balance

balance is key to keep your immune system strong and your nutrient levels in check. if you know the office party will be carb-loaded casseroles and desserts, opt for a green smoothie or salad for breakfast. when dinner at your parents equals a plate of meat, go for vegetables and whole grains during your day. a great way to practice balance is on your plate. when the dishes get passed around, allow yourself small indulgences balanced by larger servings of greens

 eat your greens

listening to your body is the crux of mindful eating. with the chill air and sumptuous beverage choices, you may forget to drink pure water. staying hydrated will help you drink less calories and will prevent confusing thirst for hunger. it’s also important to listen to your stomach. if you want pie, don’t eat until you’re full. save some room. overeating stretches the stomach and stresses the system. if dessert is essential to holiday happiness, make the choice before you sit down and balance your portions and food choices accordingly.

staying hydrated will help you drink less calories and will prevent confusing thirst for hunger.

the life hack to save your health and pant size this season is snacking with awareness. having constant access to candies, baked sweets, and puddings can have the healthiest among us going back for seconds. give yourself some alternatives! keep snack bags filled with flavors you love and ingredients that love you back stashed away in your bag, desk, glove box, and anywhere temptations may be readily available. it’s easier to say no the second gingerbread man if you have a bag of sweet dijon protein stix or granola with dark chocolate chips.

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