chips for breakfast?

grandma may not approve, but that’s because she’s never met a chip packed with 12 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber!

when you’re trying to live with a plant-based diet and you don’t like starting your day with sweet, tasty fruit, that initial meal can get tricky. no eggs, no yogurt and you simply can’t stomach another morning of whole grain porridge.

a breakfast burrito may conjure thoughts of eggs, cheese and sour cream, but the authenticity of this classic dish actually rests on the tortilla. whether you want to go big or small, whole grain, gluten-free, corn, flour or nut and seed, grab your favorite tortilla and let’s get started!

 iwon protein chips and ingredients

sprouted grain tortillas and black beans with fresh chopped garlic

if you have a big pot of beans from dinner, they make a great addition, but a can of beans works just as well! black beans are a favorite but choose any bean you like, white, red, brown, whole or refried. spread a layer of beans across your tortilla. add some chopped spinach. mash up some avocado or layer in whole slices for that creamy texture. now add more veggies. diced tomato is traditional, but this is not a typical breakfast dish, so take a look at your fridge. bell pepper, any color, roasted or raw, shredded carrot, olives, jalapeño, onion, mango, whatever your culinary creativity can produce.

pop the whole thing in the microwave, in the oven on broil, or the skillet for a quick heat up.

now grab sea salt or sriracha iwon organics chips

now grab sea salt or sriracha i won organics chips and mash them into chunky pieces, not powder, and layer them in.

mash them into chunky pieces, not powder, and layer them in. we finished ours with some diced mango. this is a breakfast your taste buds will never forget and leave you craving more.

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