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i won! organics now available at these fine retailers

i won! organics now available at these fine retailers

the greatest PROTEIN snacks on the planet.


high protein snacks
PROTEIN crackers
high protein snacks

the feeling you get after an awesome workout. the happiness you experience when you accomplish something great. the passion you have for the things you love. the unmistakable feeling of winning. in sport. in fitness. in life.

we totally understand. it’s these passions that we put into making great tasting, organic, plant-based, high protein snacks for active people.

i won! organics all started when our founder realized that most on-the-go snacks were unhealthy, unnatural and didn’t taste that good. so he went on a mission to create exactly what he wanted using the best, non-gmo and organic ingredients.

we hope you enjoy these high protein snacks as much as we do.

to health and happiness,
mark samuel / founder and ceo

if you love knowing that your purchases help others succeed, we’re the company for you. because we’re passionate about giving back, we donate 5% of our profits to youth organizations in our local communities.

+Q. seriously, how'd you do it? how'd you make i won! protein snacks with organic and non-gmo ingredients taste so good?
-A. it took many, many months of hard work along with a strong commitment to getting it right. our goal is to make sure you're happy with the final product.
+Q. how are these organic protein snacks cooked?
-A. our recipes, formulation and processes are what make them special, but we can say that we cook our snacks in organic safflower / sunflower oil.
+Q. why is everyone talking about non-gmo and organic foods lately?
-A. more and more people care about the food they are eating and where it comes from. we use non-gmo ingredients because we want to know that our natural foods haven’t been altered in any way. we chose only organic ingredients because they're cleaner. they're healthier. they make us feel good.
+Q. we notice these i won! protein snacks are a bit more expensive than others on the market, why?
-A. that's an awesome question. our i won! protein snacks are made with organic and non-gmo ingredients. this commitment has a cost associated to it. but using organic ingredients is that important to us.
+Q. are these i won! protein snacks available in any stores in my area?
-A. they are available in hundreds of stores across the country. please click here to search your area. you can also order them on amazon or direct from our website.
+Q. how long will each bag last if they're unopened?
-A. our estimated shelf life is about 12 months.
+Q. can i sell i won! protein snacks at my stores? can i distribute your i won! protein snacks?
-A. any wholesale or distributor questions can be emailed to our sales team at
+Q. what if i have other questions related to the i won! protein snacks or your company in general?
-A. we would love to hear from you. our customer care team can be reached at or 800-496-6154 (Monday -Friday, 9 am to 5 pm pst).
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