our story is one about feeling good.

this is a story about you, me and everyone we know feeling good. our friends, our family, our community. it’s the sense of satisfaction you get after an awesome workout. the empowerment of making informed choices about your food sources. the reassurance that your nutrients haven’t been altered in any way.

we've put this positive, feel good vibe into making flavor-infused, organic, protein snacks. the balanced nutritional profile of our on-the-go snacks comes from high quality plant-based proteins like peas, beans, and brown rice. all proven to provide the fuel you need for your active lifestyle.

together, we will celebrate long-term, successful eating habits based on sustainable principles: eating the real foods that we all know have a positive impact on how we look and feel.

we hope you enjoy these snacks as much as we do.

to health and happiness,
mark samuel / proud dad and founder

i give back

when you purchase our snacks, you are doing more than supporting a
sustainable product, you are sustaining a passionate mission to give back to our local communities. at iwon, we donate a portion of profits to Heart of a Hero™, a non-profit founded by Ricky Mena. dressed as a superhero, Ricky visits thousands of children per year who are battling life threatening illnesses. 

read more at heartofahero.org  

Heart of a Hero