How Naked Is Your Food?

how naked is your food?

as health nuts and fitness enthusiasts, we know all too well that diet is 80% of our success. we’re known for investing a lot of our time researching healthy meal plans, reading nutrition labels, and following our favorite healthfood brands online! we love trying different health foods and learning about new brands, and some of […]

Don't Panic, It's Organic!

don’t panic! it’s organic!

with so many weird things happening to our food these days, it’s like we’re in the grips of some mad scientist fresh out of a sci-fi movie! genetic modifications. (apples the size of melons!) growth hormones. (chicken breasts the size of melons!) pesticides. (bugs the size of melons!) it’s enough to make you lose your…um…melon! […]

that i won feeling

you got that winning feeling!

winning! it’s the rush of reaching the finish line it’s the thrill of victory it’s about being a champ and it’s just about the best feeling in the world we all love to win. it could be winning at work, winning at school, or winning at the gym, it doesn’t matter. it all feels good. […]

i won! protein chips vitamin shoppe

coming soon to a Vitamin Shoppe near you!

some very exciting news to share with you all. we’re taking down the house at the Vitamin Shoppe! now’s your chance to try the first, great tasting, organic, non-gmo protein chips. starting June 5th, i won! protein chips will be available at the Vitamin Shoppe in all 801 locations across the country! that’s good reason to […]


sharing the flava at the Arnold

it was an amazing weekend at the Arnold’s this past weekend! we launched our organic, non-gmo, high protein chips, and you couldn’t wait to try them out! we gave away a ton of free bags to our visitors and asked them to take the taste test. Now available in five delicious flavors, you guys couldn’t […]


5 moves to spice up your workout

we got the moves and by moves, we mean exercises, workouts, and intense training to get you all fired up! it’s an i won! mashup – the perfect pairing of intense physical exercise and one of our five flava flavors. check it out! 5 flava mashup! – 5 flavors x 5 workouts sriracha protein chips X Muay […]


Arnold Fitness Expo ~ here we come!

we’re going to be making some noise at the Arnold’s this year in Columbus, Ohio – March 4 to 6, 2016 – crunch! crunch! as our debut year on the natural health food scene, we couldn’t miss the greatest show on earth! The Fitness EXPO is among the must-see attractions at the Arnold Sports Festival […]