giving thanks, giving back

giving thanks, giving back

this is the time of year when we all pause and give thanks for the beautiful bounty of this great big planet of ours. it’s a time to count your blessings and realize how lucky we all are to live in a world that still believes in hope. so in the spirit of thanksgiving, we’d […]

the perfect snack for plant-based diet

the perfect snack for a plant-based diet

more and more people are making the switch to a plant-based diet and feeling better about the way they eat. ask any plant lover and they’ll agree – plant-based foods make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. here’s why… a plant-based diet is healthier eating a plant-based diet is an excellent way to […]


but does it have crunch, though?

there’s no mistaking it, i won! protein chips are crunchy! tortilla chip crunchy! the kind of crunch that echoes in your head and makes your neighbors jealous! we made them that way on purpose because we know how much people love to crunch. but what is it about crispy, crunchy food that tastes so good? could […]


gluten free never tasted so good

whether you’re going gluten free by choice or necessity, you’ll be on a mission to find a healthy snack that doesn’t contain wheat. this means no more crackers with your cheese, no more pita with your hummus, and no more pretzels with your peanut butter. where can you find something gluten free that can stand […]

the organic snack that measure up

the organic snack that measures up

snacks come in all shapes and sizes and mean different things to different people. sometimes it’s a post-workout snack you’re in the market for, other times it’s a mini-meal in the mid-afternoon you’re craving, and sometimes it’s a nutritious snack for your kids’ packed lunches that you need. whatever your snacking requirements might be, you […]

Best Snack To Tuck Into Your Backpack

best snack to tuck into your backpack

if you’re anything like us, you’ll be packing up your backpack and heading for the woods to check out the fall colors before they’re gone. america is just ablaze this time of year with the rosy amber hues of fall as she takes her final bow. with so many beautiful places across america to enjoy […]

what's in a name?

what’s in a name?

you may have noticed something a little different about us this week. we have a new name! i won! organics is now in charge and there’s already a hint of some tasty, new snack innovations in the works. exciting news if you like healthy, non-gmo, gluten free, organic snack foods…and who doesn’t! why the name […]