Healthy Study Snacks with a Cinnamon Twist

healthy study snacks with a cinnamon twist

when you’re locked in your dorm room studying all night, you’re going to need some killer snacks to keep you fueled and awake. i won! ambassador grace ling likes to make food art to keep her inspired and creates some of the most colorful meals you can find. for this healthy study snack, grace used […]

Veggie Snacks for Veggie Heads

veggie snacks for veggie heads

with so many fitness enthusiasts counting their macros and eating a high protein diet, it’s sometimes difficult to find healthy, plant-based snacks. most are dairy or whey-based and chock full of fillers and artificial additives that nobody’s ever heard of before. if you’re a vegetarian, that doesn’t leave you many options. 100% organic plant-based protein […]

How Sweet is Your Love for Mango Salsa

how sweet is your love for mango salsa?

dips are made for sharing and are a tantalizing way to cozy up to someone special for some sweet lovin! so grab a bag or two of i won! protein chips and tuck into this delicious mango salsa from i won! organics ambassador megan tossi. i won! ambassador: megan tossi (@thenuttycrohnie) lifestyle: student, fitness enthusiast, crohn’s sufferer […]

Feeding that i won Feeling

feeding that #iwonfeeling

everyone loves winning. it’s the best feeling in the world. it carries you on a wave of euphoria, motivating you to do better. winning helps you keep your head in the game and stick to your fitness goals. so how can you harness that #iwonfeeling and make it last? recognize your wins winning triggers the release […]


health benefits of a plant-based diet

incorporating more plant-based proteins into your diet doesn’t mean giving up meat, eggs and dairy altogether. in fact, a lot of plant-based diets include lean meats and fish but in moderation. the trick to following a plant-based diet is to find alternatives to animal proteins for the health benefits it brings. the health benefits of […]

work out, snack out

work out, snack out

after a great workout, most of us reach for the old reliable whey-based protein shake for muscle recovery. but did you know that right after a killer workout, your body needs something with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help restore balance? pea protein has these properties and is the number one ingredient found in i […]