there’s how much protein in that snack?

there's how much protein in that snack?

snacking is not the same as cheating. when it comes to snacks, you want healthy, high protein, balanced mini-meals. with 20g of protein in each bag of i won! organic chips, you’ll feel like you’re cheating, but really, you’re snacking responsibly!

but how much protein should you eat in a day?

oh my, what a loaded question, and one that needs qualifying before you can answer it. of course, it all depends on your fitness goals, age, gender, activity levels, metabolism…so yeah, a loaded question!

but there is a simple answer that applies to most people that you can use as a guideline. we have expert dina aronson, nutritionist and wellness coach here to walk you through it:

according to the rda, most healthy humans need about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to support optimal health. for a 150-pound person (68 kilos), this amounts to about 55 grams of protein a day.

these figures are based on an average diet, consisting of protein sources like eggs, dairy, meat, fish, and poultry.

but what if you’re a vegetarian or vegan?

what if your diet consists mostly of plant-based protein sources? do you have to eat more protein to make sure you’re getting a healthy balance of amino acids?

some researchers like to use 0.9 grams for vegans, because plant protein may not be as well digested as protein from mixed sources.

so what are some of the best sources of protein?

or is it better to get a variety of different sources to make a complete amino profile?

mother nature packages protein in all whole foods, because every plant cell contains protein. the only foods completely devoid of protein are oil (and other isolated fats) and sugar (and other sweeteners), both of which are heavily processed.

pea protein is a great plant-based source for those wanting a healthy alternative to animal proteins. every bag of our chips contains 20g of protein and our crackers, 15g of protein. which makes these organic snacks a rich source of your daily protein needs.

per calorie, the best plant sources of protein are leafy greens and many other vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. a mixed diet of whole plant foods provides more than enough protein for optimal health.

so don’t cheat, snack! if you cheat every time you snack, you’re only cheating yourself and your health. so snack responsibly!

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good for plant-powered athletes

good for plant powered athletes

when you realize that the source of all protein is plants, it makes sense that more and more athletes are adopting a plant-based diet.

but this doesn’t hold true with the common belief that you need animal protein and whey to build and repair muscle. so we turned to nutritionist and wellness consultant, dina aronson, to get her expert opinion:

the essential amino acids present in animal products are all derived from plants, either directly by eating plants or indirectly by eating other animals that have eaten plants. so it doesn’t make sense to think you must eat animals for protein.

as a cleaner source of protein, plenty of athletes are turning to plant-based diets to fuel their performance needs. we asked dina if this is a good idea:

absolutely! there’s no shortage of plant-powered athletes out there! plant foods are the perfect fuel for competitive athletes and those with grueling training schedules. so many world-class and olympic athletes follow a 100% plant-based diet, and many say that this way of eating gives them a competitive edge.

10 famous plant-powered athletes

  1. nfl defensemen david carter
  2. mma cage fighter mac danzig
  3. olympic track athlete carl lewis
  4. olympic figure skater meagan duhamel
  5. mlb pitcher patrick j. neshek
  6. nba player charles salim stoudamire
  7. ultramarathoner scott jurek
  8. strongman patrik baboumian
  9. bodybuilder and boxer amanda reister
  10. bodybuilder billy simmonds

with so many able and accomplished athletes proving everybody wrong, why does the plant protein myth prevail? dina told us:

unfortunately, complex social and cultural attitudes about meat and vegetarianism, as well as inaccurate analysis of the scientific literature, have conspired to support this misguided belief. although plants can provide all the protein needed for human nutrition, people still mistakenly believe that plant proteins are inferior to animal proteins.

it also doesn’t hold true that your snacks need to contain animal or whey-based protein. dina says:

that’s why carefully formulated plant-based snacks like i won! organic chips are the perfect solution. they’re not meant to replace whole plant foods – rather, they are a guilt-free alternative to junk food that will attack that post-workout fatigue, kill the hunger pangs at your afternoon work break, or give you a protein boost for that all-veggie salad at lunch.

so next time you reach for a protein snack, consider a healthier alternative to whey and high-sugar treats. i won! organics snacks are made with 100% organic, non-gmo, gluten-free ingredients and 20 grams of plant-based protein for healthy snacking.

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brand building vlog style

Brand building Vlog Style

People ask me all the time what it’s like starting a business, and I have to laugh inside because it’s a rollercoaster! But not the thrill ride you read about. The reality of it is, starting your own business is a rollercoaster ride that goes around and around and down-down-down most days. Every once and awhile, you’ll reach those highs and it’s enough to keep you motivated and in the game.

To give you a glimpse of this rollercoaster ride and what it’s like starting a new business, I’m taking i won! organics online and vlogging about the journey. You’ll get an inside look at what happens at the office, the operations outside the office, and everything else in-between. It makes for great entertainment and it’ll be fun to look back to see how far we’ve come and much closer we are to our goals of redefining high protein, healthy snacks.

We’re on a mission to make i won! organics a household name. Won’t you join me on this journey? I promise it’ll be a rollercoaster ride!

You can find all the vlogging details and up-to-date coverage on our Facebook page at iwonorganics.

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6 reasons plant-based proteins are good for you

6 reasons plant proteins are good for you

if you asked us what we think of all the hype you read about plant-based proteins, we’d have to agree and say, it’s all true. there’s no doubt plant proteins are good for you and have the potential to improve your health. but then again, we’re creators of plant-based protein snacks, so what else would we say?

so to get to the bottom of this and to show you just how good plant-based proteins really are, we turned to registered dietitian, nutritionist and wellness consultant, dina aronson to get her expert opinion. we asked her for the top health benefits of plant-based protein.

6 reasons plant-based proteins are good for you

  1. proteins from plant sources come naturally packaged with essential and health-protective nutrients such as fiber, vitamin c, and antioxidants, which are not present in animal proteins.
  2. by consuming plant-based proteins, you can reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  3. plant sources of protein are low in, or free of potentially damaging fats (such as saturated and trans fats), and are either low in total fat, or contain healthy essential fatty acids.
  4. protein-rich plant foods are far less likely than protein-rich animal foods to cause food poisoning.
  5. animal proteins are often contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical pollutants. Even if plant proteins are grown with chemicals, the concentration found in plant protein is far less than that found in animal protein.
  6. plant proteins are often used for weight management because they are typically lower in calories, and provide a feeling of fullness due to the fiber and/or water content. if you compare a beef burger to a boca burger, you’ll see you can eat two veggie burgers for twice the protein and fewer calories:
  • boca burger – fat 1g, chol 0mg, protein 17g, cals 90.
  • ground beef burger (80% lean) – fat 11g, chol 60mg, protein 17g, cals 175.

these are just a few of the reasons plant-based proteins are good for you and why you’ll only find plant proteins in i won! organic snacks. we could’ve innovated a totally different kind of protein snack, but it was important for us to keep it as healthy and clean as possible. it’s just another great way to incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet. i won! protein snacks are made with 100% organic, non-gmo pea protein and offer a healthy balance of macronutrients and muscle-building amino acids.

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make someone happy with that #iwonfeeling


today is national i want you to be happy day and while we like making people happy every day, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate.

i won! wants you to be happy

i want you to be happy day is celebrated every march 3rd as a way to promote kindness and to encourage people to put the needs of others before their own. it’s all about making other people feel happy.

make someone else happy

there’s lots of ways you can stop and take the time to think of others. it could be a gift, a kind word, or a listening ear. we can’t think of a healthier way than sharing a bag of i won! organic protein chips.

share that #iwonfeeling

giving someone that #iwonfeeling is what we had in mind when we created our chips. when you experience those moments in life where you want to shout from the rooftops, “i won!” – that’s what it’s all about.

it’s the kind of feeling you want to share with everyone. so we want you to share that #iwonfeeling with someone you care about today to celebrate the national day for making someone else happy.

dip into one of our delicious recipes

better yet. why not treat someone you love to one of our tasty recipes from the i won! kitchen? we’ve got scrumptious salsa dips and paleo dips and more. check it out!

when they bite into one of our crunchy chips or dip into one of our succulent dips, remind them of the goodness they’re about to eat. all of our chips are made with 100% organic ingredients and not a lot of chips can say that. they’re packed full of plant-based protein – 20 grams to be precise – with a complimentary macronutrient profile and low net calories. not to mention, they’re non-gmo and gluten free.

now doesn’t that make you happy? we thought so. that’s why we’re spreading that #iwonfeeling today and why we want you to too. because we want to make you happy.

grab your own bag of i won! protein chips and start sharing!

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veggie snacks for veggie heads

Veggie Snacks for Veggie Heads

with so many fitness enthusiasts counting their macros and eating a high protein diet, it’s sometimes difficult to find healthy, plant-based snacks. most are dairy or whey-based and chock full of fillers and artificial additives that nobody’s ever heard of before. if you’re a vegetarian, that doesn’t leave you many options.

100% organic plant-based protein snack

with a snack like i won! protein chips, you know you’re getting a healthy snack that’s 100% organic and made of plant-based pea protein. with 20 grams of protein in each bag and a healthy balance of macronutrients, it’s a snack designed to crush your hunger and fuel your energy supply.

curiously good

better yet, there’s no explaining to do. as vegetarians know too well, explaining your lifestyle choice is a regular pastime in a meat-loving culture. never mind trying to order anything in a restaurant – hold the meat! what? to skeptics, it’s often a mystery why anyone would give up eating meat at all. but with i won! protein chips, no one will question you. however, they will be curious to know what you’re eating, so brace yourself!

powerful crunch

just one word of warning, though, for the more introverted veggie heads among us, these chips are loud! armed with a crunch that can be heard from miles away, these protein chips don’t mess around! with the same satisfying crunch as a tortilla chip, i won! chips are perfect for dipping into your favorite guacamole or hummus dip.

5 delicious flavors

when it comes to selection, you’ve got five flavors to choose from:

  1. sriracha
  2. bbq
  3. cinnamon french toast
  4. ranch
  5. sea salt

for vegans, you have your choice of sriracha, bbq, cinnamon french toast, or sea salt.

when it comes to healthy, protein snacks, you can’t beat pea protein. it’s an excellent source of bcaas and makes the ideal muscle-building snack for all health conscious fitness enthusiasts. it’s the plant-based protein snack vegetarians will love.

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fun facts about what it means to be organic

fun facts about what it means to be organic

the debate over the safety of our food continues to rage on and in the process, it creates confusion. is organic food really better than so-called conventional food? one of the reasons why the message gets jumbled is the lack of scientific research to back it up. the truth is, there aren’t any studies comparing an organic diet to a conventional diet. so until then, you’ll have to trust your gut instinct and eat what’s good for you.

let’s take a closer look at the word ‘organic’ to find out what it really means in the context of things. there was a time when all food was organic before industrial farming took over. somewhere post World War II with the boom in population, the agricultural industry turned to mass produced foods and the use of commercial pesticides and growth hormones.

A conventionally grown apple may be sprayed up to 16 times with over 30 different chemicals – organic trade association

then came genetically modified foods or gmo that altered the whole DNA structure of our food. before that time, we all ate organic food. but now it has to be labeled and it’s this label that we’re most interested in, because it has three variations, all meaning something different.

100% organic

you’ll be glad to know that all i won! products are 100% organic, just as the label says, and that’s exactly what you get. only 100% organic ingredients. this is the kind of label you want to look out for when you’re shopping for food and snacks. anything else just doesn’t compare. when a product wears the ‘100% organic’ label, it has passed a series of strict regulations and processes from the farm to the store to ensure it’s up to standard.


if a product simply says, ‘organic’, and nothing else, it means only 95% of the ingredients are organic. that may sound like enough, 95% isn’t bad, you might say. but you’ll notice with most foods labeled ‘organic’, the remaining 5% of ingredients are those nasty, unpronounceable preservatives and fillers that nobody wants to eat. so be aware before you buy.

made with organic ingredients

this is the kind of misleading wording you have to watch out for on product labels. ‘made with organic ingredients’ could mean anything, but one thing is for sure, it contains the least amount of organic ingredients of all. so you need to ask yourself, is it worth it?

when you buy i won! protein chips, you know you’re getting only 100% organic ingredients. high in protein and gluten free, i won! organic snacks are good for you. you’ll love our five flavors and the crunch is out of this world!

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feeding that #iwonfeeling

Feeding that i won Feeling

everyone loves winning. it’s the best feeling in the world. it carries you on a wave of euphoria, motivating you to do better. winning helps you keep your head in the game and stick to your fitness goals. so how can you harness that #iwonfeeling and make it last?

recognize your wins

winning triggers the release of dopamine in your brain giving you that #iwonfeeling. so to make that happen every day, try setting yourself small, attainable goals. here are a few examples:

your daily win checklist

  • wake up early and go to the gym = win✓
  • pack your meals for the day = win✓
  • resist the treats and eat only healthy snacks = win✓
  • drink plenty of water = win✓
  • get a good night’s sleep = win✓

just by writing these things down and ticking them off as you accomplish them is enough to trigger dopamine and give you that #iwonfeeling.

reward your wins

dopamine is the body’s reward drug. it makes you feel good and it’s linked to motivation. by recognizing your wins throughout the day and giving yourself a pat on the back, you’ll experience that #iwonfeeling more often and increase your chances of achieving your goals.

feed that #iwonfeeling

the next time you win, celebrate with a bag of i won! organic protein chips. crafted to fuel your hunger and satisfy your cravings, i won! protein chips are a healthy and delicious way to treat yourself.

winning ingredients

it’s no coincidence that we put only the best ingredients into our high protein snacks. in each bag of i won! organic protein chips you’ll get:

  • 20 grams of protein
  • a source of plant-based pea protein
  • healthy dose of arginine
  • muscle building bcaas
  • rich in iron
  • high in fiber
  • low in net calories

only 100% organic ingredients go into our products, making them a winning snack with no gmo products and zero gluten. we made them that way especially for you, so you can have that #iwonfeeling any time of day.

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics

health benefits of a plant-based diet


incorporating more plant-based proteins into your diet doesn’t mean giving up meat, eggs and dairy altogether. in fact, a lot of plant-based diets include lean meats and fish but in moderation. the trick to following a plant-based diet is to find alternatives to animal proteins for the health benefits it brings.

the health benefits of a plant-based diet

healthy micronutrients

a plant-based diet offers more in the way of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that all contribute to a healthier you. when the food you eat is colorful and full of fresh ingredients, it’s a sure sign that you’re eating right. but you’ll know that from your healthy glow.

high in fiber

plants are high in fiber and water content. not only does this help digestion and aid in a healthy gut, but foods high in fiber are more filling and help cure cravings by curbing your appetite.

clean source of energy

too many of us reach for processed foods when we’re in need of an energy boost, which can cause spikes in insulin and crashes in energy minutes later. the energy you can get from fruits and veggies, combined with the high fiber content, help level out your blood sugar and slow down digestion for a more sustained release of energy.

better for your heart

plant-based proteins offer a healthier alternative to animal sources because of their low fat content. some vegetables like avocados contain healthy fats that help to lower high cholesterol. no animal protein can make such a claim.

helps control blood sugar levels

so many people on plant-based diets report having more energy and this is due to the fact that plants are a cleaner source of energy. when you replace processed foods or dense, hard-to-digest animal proteins with plants, your body receives a more controlled level of fuel which helps regulate blood sugar levels. people with diabetes have seen tremendous improvement from switching to a plant-based diet.

better for weight loss

because plants are high in fiber and water content, they make you feel fuller for longer and this can help with weight loss. plant foods are also lower in fat, so you can usually eat more without adding too many extra calories.

i won! organic protein chips give you a plant-based snack that’s low in net calories and high in nutrients. it’s the perfect snack for those watching their weight, as well as active individuals who need a healthy way to fuel up during the day.

available in five flavors, you can find i won! organic protein chips at a vitamin shoppe near you.

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work out, snack out

work out, snack out

after a great workout, most of us reach for the old reliable whey-based protein shake for muscle recovery. but did you know that right after a killer workout, your body needs something with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help restore balance? pea protein has these properties and is the number one ingredient found in i won! organic protein chips, making them the ideal post-workout snack.

train hard, fuel your body

when you train hard, your body accumulates lactic acid and inflammation within the muscles and other cells, so you need something to calm it down. the thing with animal proteins is that they’re highly acidic and can aggravate your body’s alkaline balance. but with a plant-based protein like yellow split pea, you get an easy-to-digest protein with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a healthy dose of muscle-building bcaas.

plant-based protein snack

on top of that, pea protein is a non-dairy muscle-building alternative to whey protein and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. because peas are slow to digest and high in fiber, you’ll find our protein chips will satisfy your hunger till your next meal. slow digesting protein also means a more sustained supply of nutrients to your muscles as you recover after your workout.

pea protein for muscle recovery

as a vegetarian superfood, pea protein is fast becoming the number one post-workout fuel for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to up their game and we’ve got bags of it! featured in our high protein chips, pea protein is the star of this organic snack. even better, you’re guaranteed no fillers, no additives, and nothing artificial. only 100% organic, non-gmo ingredients in every bag.

perfect post-workout snack

with a healthy macronutrient profile and low net carbs, i won! organic protein chips make the ideal post-workout snack. you’ll love the taste and the amazing crunch. available in five delicious flavors, you can enjoy i won! chips anytime you’re feeling hungry for a healthy, high protein snack.

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
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