there's how much protein in that snack?

there’s how much protein in that snack?

there's how much protein in that snack?

snacking is not the same as cheating. when it comes to snacks, you want healthy, high protein, balanced mini-meals. with 20g of protein in each bag of i won! organic chips, you’ll feel like you’re cheating, but really, you’re snacking responsibly!

but how much protein should you eat in a day?

oh my, what a loaded question, and one that needs qualifying before you can answer it. of course, it all depends on your fitness goals, age, gender, activity levels, metabolism…so yeah, a loaded question!

but there is a simple answer that applies to most people that you can use as a guideline. we have expert dina aronson, nutritionist and wellness coach here to walk you through it:

according to the rda, most healthy humans need about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to support optimal health. for a 150-pound person (68 kilos), this amounts to about 55 grams of protein a day.

these figures are based on an average diet, consisting of protein sources like eggs, dairy, meat, fish, and poultry.

but what if you’re a vegetarian or vegan?

what if your diet consists mostly of plant-based protein sources? do you have to eat more protein to make sure you’re getting a healthy balance of amino acids?

some researchers like to use 0.9 grams for vegans, because plant protein may not be as well digested as protein from mixed sources.

so what are some of the best sources of protein?

or is it better to get a variety of different sources to make a complete amino profile?

mother nature packages protein in all whole foods, because every plant cell contains protein. the only foods completely devoid of protein are oil (and other isolated fats) and sugar (and other sweeteners), both of which are heavily processed.

pea protein is a great plant-based source for those wanting a healthy alternative to animal proteins. every bag of our chips contains 20g of protein and our crackers, 15g of protein. which makes these organic snacks a rich source of your daily protein needs.

per calorie, the best plant sources of protein are leafy greens and many other vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. a mixed diet of whole plant foods provides more than enough protein for optimal health.

so don’t cheat, snack! if you cheat every time you snack, you’re only cheating yourself and your health. so snack responsibly!

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