good for plant powered athletes

good for plant-powered athletes

good for plant powered athletes

when you realize that the source of all protein is plants, it makes sense that more and more athletes are adopting a plant-based diet.

but this doesn’t hold true with the common belief that you need animal protein and whey to build and repair muscle. so we turned to nutritionist and wellness consultant, dina aronson, to get her expert opinion:

the essential amino acids present in animal products are all derived from plants, either directly by eating plants or indirectly by eating other animals that have eaten plants. so it doesn’t make sense to think you must eat animals for protein.

as a cleaner source of protein, plenty of athletes are turning to plant-based diets to fuel their performance needs. we asked dina if this is a good idea:

absolutely! there’s no shortage of plant-powered athletes out there! plant foods are the perfect fuel for competitive athletes and those with grueling training schedules. so many world-class and olympic athletes follow a 100% plant-based diet, and many say that this way of eating gives them a competitive edge.

10 famous plant-powered athletes

  1. nfl defensemen david carter
  2. mma cage fighter mac danzig
  3. olympic track athlete carl lewis
  4. olympic figure skater meagan duhamel
  5. mlb pitcher patrick j. neshek
  6. nba player charles salim stoudamire
  7. ultramarathoner scott jurek
  8. strongman patrik baboumian
  9. bodybuilder and boxer amanda reister
  10. bodybuilder billy simmonds

with so many able and accomplished athletes proving everybody wrong, why does the plant protein myth prevail? dina told us:

unfortunately, complex social and cultural attitudes about meat and vegetarianism, as well as inaccurate analysis of the scientific literature, have conspired to support this misguided belief. although plants can provide all the protein needed for human nutrition, people still mistakenly believe that plant proteins are inferior to animal proteins.

it also doesn’t hold true that your snacks need to contain animal or whey-based protein. dina says:

that’s why carefully formulated plant-based snacks like i won! organic chips are the perfect solution. they’re not meant to replace whole plant foods – rather, they are a guilt-free alternative to junk food that will attack that post-workout fatigue, kill the hunger pangs at your afternoon work break, or give you a protein boost for that all-veggie salad at lunch.

so next time you reach for a protein snack, consider a healthier alternative to whey and high-sugar treats. i won! organics snacks are made with 100% organic, non-gmo, gluten-free ingredients and 20 grams of plant-based protein for healthy snacking.

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