Everybody Flip  National Chip & Dip Day

everybody flip for national chip and dip day

Everybody Flip National Chip & Dip Day

round these parts, when it’s time to celebrate, out come the chips and dip. it’s such a perfect combo they had to dedicate one day a year to it just to celebrate. so happy national chip and dip day!

chips and dip are about as american as you can get. back in the day, making dip for your chips meant opening up a packet of lipton’s onion soup mix and adding it to a tub of sour cream. some people got a bit fancy and added cream cheese to thicken up the dip, others added chives and red pepper. it was the beginning of an all-american favorite and the genesis of a snacking tradition.

where’s the dip?

the superbowl wouldn’t be the same without your favorite dip. christmas would be amiss without dip. birthdays and new year’s just wouldn’t have the same crunch without the necessary dip.

from onion dip came veggie dip, spinach dip, cheese dip, guacamole, hummus, bean dip, salsa, artichoke dip, roasted red pepper dip, crab dip, shrimp dip, and more. once we got a taste for dips, there was no stopping us. now dipping is a favorite pastime and a traditional way to celebrate and snack.

chip and dip responsibly!

but aren’t you glad you can still chip and dip without blowing your diet? with i won! organic protein chips you can. we’re all about being part of the chip-and-dip tradition but with a twist. i won! organics is part of a new generation of snacks and our chips are healthy! when you open up a bag of i won! protein chips, and dip into one of our wholesome recipes, you’ll experience a whole new way of snacking. our chips constitute a healthy micro-meal that will fit well with your macros and complement your diet.

i won! kitchen healthy, organic dips

now you’ve got the chips, you need the dips. here are some of our top delicious dip recipes:

now you can chip and dip and still keep it wholesome and nutritious. so happy national chip and dip day!

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
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