Snack for Fuel

snack for fuel

Snack for Fuel

when you’re feeling hungry, hungry, hungry after the best workout of your life, your next meal has gotta count. that’s where our protein snacks come in. so versatile you can eat them on their own or as a meal.

i won! organics ambassador marci christensen says,

i love nourishing my body with good ingredients and i know with i won! organic chips i’m getting my protein in and staying on track with my fitness goals even though it feels “naughty” to be eating them! 😉

as a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, marci has lots of healthy recipes like this one:

the hungry, hungry meal

  • spring salad topped with a mountain of roasted veggies and mustard
  • hard boiled egg with hot sauce
  • roasted sweet potatoes with sf ketchup
  • 2 tbsp trader joe’s tomato basil hummus
  • cinnamon french toast i won! organic protein chips

marci is a self-confessed cinnamon freak, so feel free to choose another flavor for this hungry, hungry meal! we have five flavors to choose from, so there’s one for everybody’s taste and mood. each one guaranteed to give you that #iwonfeeling. marci told us:

i love that #iwonfeeling so much! i get a huge smile on my face every time i bite into a chip. the taste. the crunch. i just picture heaven and soak up all the good vibes going through my body.

you can follow i won! organics ambassador marci christensen on instagram @livelovelaugh_beyou

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics

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