6 reasons plant-based proteins are good for you

6 reasons plant proteins are good for you

if you asked us what we think of all the hype you read about plant-based proteins, we’d have to agree and say, it’s all true. there’s no doubt plant proteins are good for you and have the potential to improve your health. but then again, we’re creators of plant-based protein snacks, so what else would we say?

so to get to the bottom of this and to show you just how good plant-based proteins really are, we turned to registered dietitian, nutritionist and wellness consultant, dina aronson to get her expert opinion. we asked her for the top health benefits of plant-based protein.

6 reasons plant-based proteins are good for you

  1. proteins from plant sources come naturally packaged with essential and health-protective nutrients such as fiber, vitamin c, and antioxidants, which are not present in animal proteins.
  2. by consuming plant-based proteins, you can reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  3. plant sources of protein are low in, or free of potentially damaging fats (such as saturated and trans fats), and are either low in total fat, or contain healthy essential fatty acids.
  4. protein-rich plant foods are far less likely than protein-rich animal foods to cause food poisoning.
  5. animal proteins are often contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical pollutants. Even if plant proteins are grown with chemicals, the concentration found in plant protein is far less than that found in animal protein.
  6. plant proteins are often used for weight management because they are typically lower in calories, and provide a feeling of fullness due to the fiber and/or water content. if you compare a beef burger to a boca burger, you’ll see you can eat two veggie burgers for twice the protein and fewer calories:
  • boca burger – fat 1g, chol 0mg, protein 17g, cals 90.
  • ground beef burger (80% lean) – fat 11g, chol 60mg, protein 17g, cals 175.

these are just a few of the reasons plant-based proteins are good for you and why you’ll only find plant proteins in i won! organic snacks. we could’ve innovated a totally different kind of protein snack, but it was important for us to keep it as healthy and clean as possible. it’s just another great way to incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet. i won! protein snacks are made with 100% organic, non-gmo pea protein and offer a healthy balance of macronutrients and muscle-building amino acids.

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everybody flip for national chip and dip day

Everybody Flip National Chip & Dip Day

round these parts, when it’s time to celebrate, out come the chips and dip. it’s such a perfect combo they had to dedicate one day a year to it just to celebrate. so happy national chip and dip day!

chips and dip are about as american as you can get. back in the day, making dip for your chips meant opening up a packet of lipton’s onion soup mix and adding it to a tub of sour cream. some people got a bit fancy and added cream cheese to thicken up the dip, others added chives and red pepper. it was the beginning of an all-american favorite and the genesis of a snacking tradition.

where’s the dip?

the superbowl wouldn’t be the same without your favorite dip. christmas would be amiss without dip. birthdays and new year’s just wouldn’t have the same crunch without the necessary dip.

from onion dip came veggie dip, spinach dip, cheese dip, guacamole, hummus, bean dip, salsa, artichoke dip, roasted red pepper dip, crab dip, shrimp dip, and more. once we got a taste for dips, there was no stopping us. now dipping is a favorite pastime and a traditional way to celebrate and snack.

chip and dip responsibly!

but aren’t you glad you can still chip and dip without blowing your diet? with i won! organic protein chips you can. we’re all about being part of the chip-and-dip tradition but with a twist. i won! organics is part of a new generation of snacks and our chips are healthy! when you open up a bag of i won! protein chips, and dip into one of our wholesome recipes, you’ll experience a whole new way of snacking. our chips constitute a healthy micro-meal that will fit well with your macros and complement your diet.

i won! kitchen healthy, organic dips

now you’ve got the chips, you need the dips. here are some of our top delicious dip recipes:

now you can chip and dip and still keep it wholesome and nutritious. so happy national chip and dip day!

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snack for fuel

Snack for Fuel

when you’re feeling hungry, hungry, hungry after the best workout of your life, your next meal has gotta count. that’s where our protein snacks come in. so versatile you can eat them on their own or as a meal.

i won! organics ambassador marci christensen says,

i love nourishing my body with good ingredients and i know with i won! organic chips i’m getting my protein in and staying on track with my fitness goals even though it feels “naughty” to be eating them! 😉

as a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, marci has lots of healthy recipes like this one:

the hungry, hungry meal

  • spring salad topped with a mountain of roasted veggies and mustard
  • hard boiled egg with hot sauce
  • roasted sweet potatoes with sf ketchup
  • 2 tbsp trader joe’s tomato basil hummus
  • cinnamon french toast i won! organic protein chips

marci is a self-confessed cinnamon freak, so feel free to choose another flavor for this hungry, hungry meal! we have five flavors to choose from, so there’s one for everybody’s taste and mood. each one guaranteed to give you that #iwonfeeling. marci told us:

i love that #iwonfeeling so much! i get a huge smile on my face every time i bite into a chip. the taste. the crunch. i just picture heaven and soak up all the good vibes going through my body.

you can follow i won! organics ambassador marci christensen on instagram @livelovelaugh_beyou

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healthy study snacks with a cinnamon twist

Healthy Study Snacks with a Cinnamon Twist

when you’re locked in your dorm room studying all night, you’re going to need some killer snacks to keep you fueled and awake. i won! ambassador grace ling likes to make food art to keep her inspired and creates some of the most colorful meals you can find.

for this healthy study snack, grace used our cinnamon french toast as her muse and cinnamon as the main flavor. she told us:

these taste like cinnamon on toast with a crunchy texture. when you open the bag, there’s the sweet aroma of a bakery. the texture is bold, crunchy, and thick great for dipping into this healthy study snack.

grace developed a taste for staying active when her mother started paying her $6/hour to go to the gym with her. she told us:

after a few months, I went from being one of the slowest people at my school to the fastest runner. i went on to become a nationally ranked runner in high school, and I also run for the division 1 cross country and track team.

reaching the finishing is just one way grace gets that #iwonfeeling. she says, “it’s knowing I put my best effort into a race or exam, and made the most out of every opportunity to improve.”

you can more food art from i won! ambassador grace ling on instagram @graceful.food

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make someone happy with that #iwonfeeling


today is national i want you to be happy day and while we like making people happy every day, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate.

i won! wants you to be happy

i want you to be happy day is celebrated every march 3rd as a way to promote kindness and to encourage people to put the needs of others before their own. it’s all about making other people feel happy.

make someone else happy

there’s lots of ways you can stop and take the time to think of others. it could be a gift, a kind word, or a listening ear. we can’t think of a healthier way than sharing a bag of i won! organic protein chips.

share that #iwonfeeling

giving someone that #iwonfeeling is what we had in mind when we created our chips. when you experience those moments in life where you want to shout from the rooftops, “i won!” – that’s what it’s all about.

it’s the kind of feeling you want to share with everyone. so we want you to share that #iwonfeeling with someone you care about today to celebrate the national day for making someone else happy.

dip into one of our delicious recipes

better yet. why not treat someone you love to one of our tasty recipes from the i won! kitchen? we’ve got scrumptious salsa dips and paleo dips and more. check it out!

when they bite into one of our crunchy chips or dip into one of our succulent dips, remind them of the goodness they’re about to eat. all of our chips are made with 100% organic ingredients and not a lot of chips can say that. they’re packed full of plant-based protein – 20 grams to be precise – with a complimentary macronutrient profile and low net calories. not to mention, they’re non-gmo and gluten free.

now doesn’t that make you happy? we thought so. that’s why we’re spreading that #iwonfeeling today and why we want you to too. because we want to make you happy.

grab your own bag of i won! protein chips and start sharing!

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