how to cram 35 grams of protein onto one piece of toast

one piece of toast 35g of protein

toast! it’s the most versatile creation known to humans (besides chips!) and if you love toast as much as we do, then you probably have a daily toast ritual or a favorite time you indulge in this exquisite culinary creation. here’s one tasty idea from i won! ambassador serena baldwin:

1 piece of toast, 35 grams of protein


  • one slice @silverhillsbakery the big 16 toast
  • slather with one serving #pbfit
  • one vegan @dalesrawfoods bar (my favorite protein bar ever!!)
  • two chopped strawberries
  • 5 crumbled @iwonorganics vegan and organic protein chips
  • 1tsp @bobsredmill unsweetened shredded coconut
  • ½ tbsp @nutiva hazelnut butter

you can find more recipes like this from i won! ambassador serena baldwin on Instagram @femmemeetsfood

serena is a full-time student, fitness athlete, health food advocate, and self-proclaimed flexitarian. this week her favorite flavor of i won! chips is cinnamon french toast. she told us:

I make a conscious effort to eat products that support my healthy eating habits, as well as my personal values. i won! organic protein chips do just that by providing me with a snack packed with 20 grams of plant-based protein, usda organic ingredients, tons of flavor, and 5% of their profits are donated to youth organizations in the community.

for serena, finding a plant-based snack packed full of protein that she can “eat on the go is definitely a win.”

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics

veggie snacks for veggie heads

Veggie Snacks for Veggie Heads

with so many fitness enthusiasts counting their macros and eating a high protein diet, it’s sometimes difficult to find healthy, plant-based snacks. most are dairy or whey-based and chock full of fillers and artificial additives that nobody’s ever heard of before. if you’re a vegetarian, that doesn’t leave you many options.

100% organic plant-based protein snack

with a snack like i won! protein chips, you know you’re getting a healthy snack that’s 100% organic and made of plant-based pea protein. with 20 grams of protein in each bag and a healthy balance of macronutrients, it’s a snack designed to crush your hunger and fuel your energy supply.

curiously good

better yet, there’s no explaining to do. as vegetarians know too well, explaining your lifestyle choice is a regular pastime in a meat-loving culture. never mind trying to order anything in a restaurant – hold the meat! what? to skeptics, it’s often a mystery why anyone would give up eating meat at all. but with i won! protein chips, no one will question you. however, they will be curious to know what you’re eating, so brace yourself!

powerful crunch

just one word of warning, though, for the more introverted veggie heads among us, these chips are loud! armed with a crunch that can be heard from miles away, these protein chips don’t mess around! with the same satisfying crunch as a tortilla chip, i won! chips are perfect for dipping into your favorite guacamole or hummus dip.

5 delicious flavors

when it comes to selection, you’ve got five flavors to choose from:

  1. sriracha
  2. bbq
  3. cinnamon french toast
  4. ranch
  5. sea salt

for vegans, you have your choice of sriracha, bbq, cinnamon french toast, or sea salt.

when it comes to healthy, protein snacks, you can’t beat pea protein. it’s an excellent source of bcaas and makes the ideal muscle-building snack for all health conscious fitness enthusiasts. it’s the plant-based protein snack vegetarians will love.

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how sweet is your love for mango salsa?

How Sweet is Your Love for Mango Salsa

dips are made for sharing and are a tantalizing way to cozy up to someone special for some sweet lovin! so grab a bag or two of i won! protein chips and tuck into this delicious mango salsa from i won! organics ambassador megan tossi.

i won! ambassador: megan tossi (@thenuttycrohnie)
lifestyle: student, fitness enthusiast, crohn’s sufferer
favorite i won! chips: sea salt

following a healthy lifestyle is often a choice but sometimes it’s a necessity as in the case of i won! organics ambassador megan tossi. diagnosed with crohn’s disease at a very young age, megan found traditional medicine only aggravated her condition.

i have tons of determination and love to prove others wrong. despite all this, my life was a wreck. i could barely eat or drink anything. i couldn’t keep food in because of how much pain it gave me. all i wanted to do was exercise because it helped me feel better. but i began to notice that i grew tired faster, and surfing became way harder for me. this realization depressed me. surfing is something i really enjoy.

so she turned to holistic healing and has found a way to manage her disease and live life the way she wants to – surfing, skateboarding, weightlifting, playing basketball, and creating delicious recipes for her instagram followers like this one for mango salsa.

I changed my mindset and am starting to enjoy life more again.

sweet mango salsa

organic ingredients

  • 1 cup of diced tomato
  • 1 diced mango
  • 1 diced jalapeño without seeds
  • 2 handfuls of cilantro
  • ¼ cup of lime juice (2 limes)
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 2 pinches of salt


  • put the cilantro in a blender and blend until chopped.
  • combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix.
  • add a little at a time into a blender and pulse for desired consistency.
  • place in a separate bowl and add more until you do blend the whole batch.
  • Consume with the world’s best protein chips! @iwonorganics

that #iwonfeeling

living with crohn’s is a daily struggle, but megan wakes up every morning with determination that she will get stronger and healthier. she’s found strength in the things she loves and comfort from holistic medicine. for megan, that #iwonfeeling comes from:

  • drumming for my church and experiencing the beauty of the worship.
  • i also love seeing my lifting gains.
  • having a day free of pain due to my Crohn’s.
  • catching a dope wave is such a thrill!

follow i won! organics ambassador megan tossi on instagram @thenuttycrohnie

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
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fun facts about what it means to be organic

fun facts about what it means to be organic

the debate over the safety of our food continues to rage on and in the process, it creates confusion. is organic food really better than so-called conventional food? one of the reasons why the message gets jumbled is the lack of scientific research to back it up. the truth is, there aren’t any studies comparing an organic diet to a conventional diet. so until then, you’ll have to trust your gut instinct and eat what’s good for you.

let’s take a closer look at the word ‘organic’ to find out what it really means in the context of things. there was a time when all food was organic before industrial farming took over. somewhere post World War II with the boom in population, the agricultural industry turned to mass produced foods and the use of commercial pesticides and growth hormones.

A conventionally grown apple may be sprayed up to 16 times with over 30 different chemicals – organic trade association

then came genetically modified foods or gmo that altered the whole DNA structure of our food. before that time, we all ate organic food. but now it has to be labeled and it’s this label that we’re most interested in, because it has three variations, all meaning something different.

100% organic

you’ll be glad to know that all i won! products are 100% organic, just as the label says, and that’s exactly what you get. only 100% organic ingredients. this is the kind of label you want to look out for when you’re shopping for food and snacks. anything else just doesn’t compare. when a product wears the ‘100% organic’ label, it has passed a series of strict regulations and processes from the farm to the store to ensure it’s up to standard.


if a product simply says, ‘organic’, and nothing else, it means only 95% of the ingredients are organic. that may sound like enough, 95% isn’t bad, you might say. but you’ll notice with most foods labeled ‘organic’, the remaining 5% of ingredients are those nasty, unpronounceable preservatives and fillers that nobody wants to eat. so be aware before you buy.

made with organic ingredients

this is the kind of misleading wording you have to watch out for on product labels. ‘made with organic ingredients’ could mean anything, but one thing is for sure, it contains the least amount of organic ingredients of all. so you need to ask yourself, is it worth it?

when you buy i won! protein chips, you know you’re getting only 100% organic ingredients. high in protein and gluten free, i won! organic snacks are good for you. you’ll love our five flavors and the crunch is out of this world!

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