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Plant Stories

we’re keeping you up to date and in the know with our new video series called #plantstories. we’re going to answer your questions and talk about nutrition facts, macros and more, including sneak peeks of the new snacks we’re working on for 2017.

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here’s what you’ve missed so far:

episode 1 of #plantstories: why a plant-based protein? watch the full video at our facebook page.

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sweet and spicy thanksgiving dip

sweet and spicy thanksgiving dip

here’s a dip you’ll be thankful for this thanksgiving. it’s a healthy way to join in and enjoy some of your party favorites without ruining your diet. it’s sweet and spicy with a zesty bite to it that pairs well with just about any one of our five protein chip flavors. it’s the perfect snack for sneaking in some healthy, high protein macros while enjoying the flavors of the season. let’s dig in!

sweet and spicy thanksgiving dip


  • 1/2 cup organic pumpkin puree
  • 1 medium sweet potato, baked and pureed
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped sweet red pepper
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp ground mustard
  • 2 tsp cumin
  • 2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • salt


  1. using only organic ingredients, mash the pumpkin and sweet potato together in a bowl or blender.
  2. add olive oil, lemon juice, spices and blend.
  3. lastly, add the finely chopped sweet red pepper and mix with a spoon or use it as a garnish.
  4. choose your favorite flavor of i won! protein chips and simply dip and enjoy!

we don’t have to tell you how good this dip is, but we will anyway! with this powerful combo of sweet potato and pumpkin you’re getting double the dose of fiber, carotenoids, vitamin c, potassium and magnesium. together with our plant-based protein chips, it’s a superfood dip with amazing health benefits that would also make the perfect post-workout meal.  did we mention it’s paleo, gluten free and vegan? your only challenge is having to share it with everyone else! enjoy! and happy thanksgiving!

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giving thanks, giving back

giving thanks, giving back

this is the time of year when we all pause and give thanks for the beautiful bounty of this great big planet of ours. it’s a time to count your blessings and realize how lucky we all are to live in a world that still believes in hope. so in the spirit of thanksgiving, we’d like to give thanks for the health and safety of our friends and family all over the world.

because it’s people like you who have helped us give back to our local communities with every purchase of i won! protein chips. your purchase isn’t just a healthy move, it’s a conscious one that goes towards giving back to youth organizations and local communities around the u.s.

i’m serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities, as I’ve done with the fitmark brand since its inception. we’re changing the game and impacting lives while doing it ~ mark samuel, i won! organics founder and ceo

that’s been our commitment since the beginning because we believe in paying it forward. after all, isn’t it community that holds us all together? communities need to be nurtured in order to thrive and we like to think we contribute, at least in part, to nourishing our local communities through our giving back program. and we’d like thank you all for making it happen

so this thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks to you because sharing that #iwonfeeling with kids and families who need our support is the best feeling in the world. we hope it makes you feel good too, knowing you’re all a part of our giving back program.

isn’t it good to know that in a world that sometimes seems like it’s spinning out of control, you can count on some honest-to-goodness healthy snacking from i won! organics.

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the uphill battle of creating a new snack category


what’s it like to innovate in the snack category? it’s difficult. in fact, it’s beyond difficult. it isn’t as easy as just coming up with an idea and launching it and having the world accept it with open arms. when you create a new category section in a plant-based protein snack, you’re going to need passion and commitment to tell the story of why your new snack is so important and why it should be widely accepted.

the snack category has been around forever. there are billion dollar companies that continue to take up shelf space throughout thousands of retailers around the world. are these snack companies or food companies out for your best interest? well, i’m not so certain of that nor have i ever been. we’ve had sugar-based products that aren’t good for you, and high calorie and high carbohydrate snacks that don’t carry any real health benefit, and snack companies that fill their products with questionable ingredients with possible side effects and health risks.

so how do we change that? with new snack companies with real missions of reducing or eliminating obesity rates by producing healthy, new concepts, new innovation, new snacks with zero to low sugar, lower carbohydrates, and fewer calories that serve a functional health benefit for the end consumer. with new snack companies like i won! organics.

so what is i won! organics all about? what are we doing? what’s our mission? where do we stand in a category that is difficult to not only get into, but one where the uphill battle to sell health over taste is very real?

the story behind i won! organics began when i recognized most of the snacks on the market today aren’t good for you. there’s a great need for healthier options, thoughtfully crafted to make you (and me) feel good. for many years i’ve followed a healthy, high-protein diet, but when i realized i was eating snacks such as protein bars full of ingredients i’ve never heard of and consisting of milk and whey-based ingredients, it just didn’t sit right with me. i already knew my stomach didn’t tolerate milk-based products very well and it seemed like a good time to make some changes. like millions of other people out there who feel the same way, i just want to feel better about the food i eat both on a conscious level and a physical one.

so last year, when i made the switch from a whey-based protein shake to a plant-based protein shake, i can honestly say it made me feel better. i knew without a doubt, my new innovation had to be led by a plant-based protein. now i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with high quality whey or milk-based protein products, because i still include them in my diet. But i’m slowly making the switch to more plant-based proteins and i can absolutely feel the difference; i feel fantastic. i still enjoy eating real food and animal proteins as much as the next person, but for snacks and protein shakes, my goal is to transition over to 100% plant-based proteins.

this all led to i won! organics first product – an organic high-protein plant-based chip made from 100% organic, non-gmo, natural ingredients with a label that’s easy to read and easy to understand. our snacks are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and made to make you feel good.

so why is it going to be so difficult to build this category and convince people that healthy is better? and prove that’s it not just good for you to choose healthier snacks, but it’s good for your long-term health and quality of life?

first, you need to convince investors you have a great idea to build a new category. next, you have to convince the consumer to buy your product, and one that may not be accepted by everyone. when you invest so much passion into your product and you learn that not everyone likes the taste – it hurts. but we already knew innovating a plant-based high-protein snack would taste a bit different from anything anyone’s had before. and with passion and commitment and a voice that describes what the product is and why it benefits you, there is only success to come.

we started with an organic high-protein plant-based chip and we have a second savory snack planned for january 2017. so even with the doubters, and even with people who currently do not like the product, we continue to march forward in our mission to build a good-for-you snack company that will eventually be widely accepted by the masses. it will be widely accepted because those that love it now and those that understand it now will continue to preach from the mountain tops about why organic plant-based snacks are better for you and why it’s better than what’s out in the market today.

so, after putting the time and investment into building this new innovative category we will continue to push forward in a way that’s unlike any other because we recognize that the benefits of this new snack category will be one that everyone eventually sees and adopts. we want to be there to say we hope you love our snacks as much as we do. we will continue to be here as you travel with us on this journey of innovating healthy, high protein snack products. that’s our mission and where we stand in this category, despite how hard it is to sell health benefits over taste. these are just some of the uphill battles we face and something you need to consider when building a new category. if your passion is strong and your commitment is true, there is no doubt you’ll be successful. so stick around, because we’re not about to stop now. i won! organics is just getting started.

mark a. samuel
founder and ceo at fitmark, and i won! organics


the perfect snack for a plant-based diet

the perfect snack for plant-based diet

more and more people are making the switch to a plant-based diet and feeling better about the way they eat. ask any plant lover and they’ll agree – plant-based foods make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. here’s why…

a plant-based diet is healthier

eating a plant-based diet is an excellent way to improve your health and prevent certain life-threatening diseases. plant-based foods are also easier to digest and low in fat, which means no bloating and a trimmer waistline for you. many people who have made the switch to a plant-based diet have found they even have extra energy, sleep way better, and are more mentally alert. in general, they just feel better.

a plant-based diet is better for the planet

as long as your plant-based diet is sourced from organic and non-gmo foods, you can safely say it’s better for the planet for so many reasons. it’s more sustainable, produces less waste and fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and takes up less space. by going plant-based your carbon footprint will drop by as much as 50%.

did you know one quarter pound of hamburger requires 460 gallons of water to produce?

a plant-based diet makes you feel more connected to your food

plant-based can mean so many things to so many people. from vegan to vegetarian to mediterranean, when veggies and fruits are the main attraction you know you can feel better about the food you’re eating, where it came from and how it was raised. and that feels good. we’ll go as far as to say, it gives you that #iwonfeeling!

making the switch to a plant-based diet

you don’t have to convert to a plant-based diet overnight. in fact, it’s probably best you don’t. make the transition slowly and you’ll be more likely to stick to it. by eating a plant-based meal twice a week or so, you can gradually introduce alternative protein sources into your diet.

another great way to incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet is by taking a look at your snacking options. i won! protein chips are made with 100% organic, non-gmo pea protein and offer a healthy balance of macronutrients and amino acids. pea protein is an excellent source of bcaas and a healthy, muscle-building alternative to animal sources.

but more to the point, they taste amazing!

available online and at a vitamin shoppe near you.

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but does it have crunch, though?


there’s no mistaking it, i won! protein chips are crunchy! tortilla chip crunchy! the kind of crunch that echoes in your head and makes your neighbors jealous! we made them that way on purpose because we know how much people love to crunch.

but what is it about crispy, crunchy food that tastes so good? could there be something hardwired in our brains that makes us all crazy for the crunch? it turns out, there is! according to one anthropologist by the name of john s. allen, the very sound creates a symphony in our head that stimulates our appetites and intensifies the whole eating experience. we love the crunch for the sensation it brings – the sound, the bite, the mouth feel. our brains never get tired of it.

this love for crunchy foods stems back to our primate days when food was scarce and we sometimes had to survive on whatever vegetation was around and whatever insects we could find. these crunchy foods saved us from extinction, or so we’d like to think. in fact, it was the pleasure derived from the crunch that kept us munching our way through these less than savory foods.

even saying the words, crispy and crunchy, can light up the appetite sensors in your brain. the anticipation of the crunch is enough to make your mouth water and we’re sure you’ll feel that way when you tear into a bag of i won! protein chips. crunching into our chips is as much a cerebral affair as it is a tasty one!

so this love for crunchy things has stayed with us through the ages and now we can’t get enough! and nothing quite satisfies that craving like a protein chip with a crunch like a tortilla. i won! organic snacks will give you a symphony of pleasurable crunch in five irresistible flavors.

available online and at a vitamin shoppe near you.

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