i won! kitchen: trick or treat paleo dip

i won kitchen! trick or treat paleo pumpkin dip

rich, creamy and sinfully delicious, you’ll think you’re eating pumpkin pie when you dip into this i won! kitchen creation. an ideal dip for trick or treaters on halloween or a guilt-free self-indulgence when you’re craving pumpkin spice, you’re gonna love how super quick and easy this recipe is to make.

as you may have guessed the bright orange color of pumpkin tells you it’s high in beta-carotene which is good for the eyes, heart and immune system. it’s also incredibly rich in fiber to help keep your cholesterol levels healthy and vitamin k for strong bones. but the surprising part is it has more potassium than bananas, so it makes the perfect post-workout snack.

let’s get cooking.


  • 1 can organic pumpkin puree
  • 1 can organic coconut cream or milk
  • 2-3 tbsp organic coconut flour to thicken
  • 2 tbsp organic maple syrup or stevia
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • cinnamon for sprinkling

simply throw all the ingredients into a blender and whip them up to a creamy consistency perfect for dipping. we recommend cinnamon french toast protein chips with this dip. it also pairs up nicely with apple slices.

check out some of our other delicious recipes and stay tuned for more to come from the i won! kitchen.

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gluten free never tasted so good


whether you’re going gluten free by choice or necessity, you’ll be on a mission to find a healthy snack that doesn’t contain wheat. this means no more crackers with your cheese, no more pita with your hummus, and no more pretzels with your peanut butter. where can you find something gluten free that can stand up to the crunch you crave?

nuts, carrots and celery can add a little crunch to your day, but they don’t quite satisfy your hunger and only leave you wanting more. you want something that will curb your cravings and add some nutritious benefit to your snacking habits at the same time. after all, what’s a snack if it isn’t just a mini meal to keep you fueled throughout the day.

unless you’re really crafty in the kitchen, your gluten-free snacking options shouldn’t be limited to carrots, celery and cucumbers. when you’re hankering for a substitute for your favorite cracker or tortilla chip, you want something that can stand up to the challenge.

the grocery shelves are loaded with products promising to contain no wheat. but finding a gluten-free snack is not always as simple as avoiding wheat, rye, or barley. wheat gluten can hide out in other ingredients like hydrolyzed vegetable protein, malt, and other grains related to wheat like sorghum, spelt, and bran. so choose very carefully and always make sure to read list of ingredients.

with 100% organic ingredients, i won! protein chips are the gluten-free snack with tortilla chip crunch. perfect for dipping or crunching with a slice of cheese, these organic chips are full of goodness and 100% gluten free. boasting 20 grams of protein and about 240 calories, it’s the snack that eats like a meal. you can even eat them for breakfast, they’re that healthy!

cinnamon french toast, anyone?

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the organic snack that measures up

the organic snack that measure up

snacks come in all shapes and sizes and mean different things to different people. sometimes it’s a post-workout snack you’re in the market for, other times it’s a mini-meal in the mid-afternoon you’re craving, and sometimes it’s a nutritious snack for your kids’ packed lunches that you need. whatever your snacking requirements might be, you got to ask yourself ⎼ how does your snack measure up?

a quick fix vs. a satisfying snack

fit, active people want a satisfying snack that’s going to keep them feeling full till their next meal. so you know carrot and celery sticks aren’t going to cut it, no matter how you slice them! what you want is a high protein snack that eats like a meal. high protein snacks are guaranteed to curb your cravings while providing energy without the spike of sugary treats. so when its snack time, tuck into some protein!

how many snacks do you know are non-gmo?

so here’s the thing – you know for a fact if your standard snack is something like celery and cheese or nuts and berries and it’s not organic ⎼ it’s a franken-snack! which means you’re consuming a whole bunch of chemicals and who wants that? choose non-gmo, organic snacks because every meal should be healthy.

easy to pack, easy to snack

there are some snacks that travel better than others and some that don’t. take a bag of protein chips, for example. just throw one in your gym bag or backpack and you’re good to go. no muss, no fuss, no leaks! if you compare that to a snack like yogurt or cottage cheese, then you’re going to need to pack some spoons and paper towel and don’t forget, you still have to deal with the smelly container afterward. you know what we’re sayin’. you gotta choose your snacks wisely!

post-workout, pre-workout, anytime ⎼ make your snacks count

it doesn’t matter what you call it, food is fuel and that includes your snacks. so be smart about the snacks you choose and coordinate them with your training to help you reach your fitness goals. some snacks are better for pre-workout and some do well for post-workout, but then again ⎼ it all depends on your goals.

with a snack like i won! protein chips, all you have to do is tear open a bag and enjoy! because it’s the kind of snack you can eat anywhere, anytime.

so go ahead and ⎼ tear open a bag today!

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best snack to tuck into your backpack

Best Snack To Tuck Into Your Backpack
if you’re anything like us, you’ll be packing up your backpack and heading for the woods to check out the fall colors before they’re gone. america is just ablaze this time of year with the rosy amber hues of fall as she takes her final bow. with so many beautiful places across america to enjoy this symphony of color, it won’t be hard to decide where to go. but it might be tough to choose which healthy, organic snack to pack.

snacks that recharge your energy

outdoor enthusiasts don’t need an excuse to get outside. at this time of year, when it’s cooler and the trails aren’t so crowded, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. if you’re planning on hitting the trails you want to make sure you’re properly fueled. you need the kind of organic snack that’s going to recharge your energy and give you a protein punch at the same time. because you don’t want to poop out halfway up the hill and miss the greatest views of fall.

just how many calories you’ll need to replenish is a tricky science that involves calculating the number of miles you travel, the height you climb, your own bodyweight and the weight of your backpack. let’s just say, if you’re climbing the appalachian mountains and you hike about five miles at an average elevation of 12 feet, you’re going to burn more than 500 calories. (that’s the equivalent of two bags of i won! protein chips!)

endurance to reach the summit

with 20 grams of protein in each bag, you’re looking at an impressive branched chain amino acid profile with arginine as the front runner. pea protein is known for being high in arginine and that’s the kind of amino acid you need for endurance while hiking the trails.

so when you’re deciding which trail you’re going to hit to see the fall foliage, think about which organic snack you’re going to pack in your backpack. we suggest hot and spicy sriracha to complement fall’s fiery reds, or cinnamon french toast to match the autumnal golds.

there’s nothing more satisfying than the crunch of fall leaves underfoot, that is, until you’ve bitten into an i won! protein chip. it’s the best snack to tuck into your backpack. with a tortilla chip crunch, these snacks not only taste great, they’re also fun to eat. so go ahead and create your own symphony of flavor and have fun hiking the great outdoors.

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