what’s in a name?

what's in a name?

you may have noticed something a little different about us this week. we have a new name! i won! organics is now in charge and there’s already a hint of some tasty, new snack innovations in the works. exciting news if you like healthy, non-gmo, gluten free, organic snack foods…and who doesn’t!

why the name change?

as a healthy snack food company, we embrace everything about being organic for all the right reasons:

organically fundamental

when you start thinking organically, you realize how quickly ideas can grow. similarly, what started out as an organic thought rapidly grew into a vital element that represents our brand as a whole. that’s the nature of being organic that makes it so irresistible.

mark samuel, founder and ceo i won! organics explains:

we believe our “organic” position in the plant-based, high protein snack category is what sets us apart from everyone else, and we plan to build that category into something big! so, with that said, i won! organics feels much closer to home for us!

the organic approach

then there’s our organic approach to giving back and reaching out to our community that is so inherent in this brand. having a harmonious effect on the community as a whole is another way of being organic.

that’s right! there’s more to being organic than what’s on the inside of the bag! organic can be fresh and wholesome, but it also takes on board what it means to be part of the bigger picture. organically speaking, that is!

with a bunch of new, healthy organic snacks coming at you in the next month, you don’t want to miss out. so make a note of our new name and follow us online on facebook, instagram and twitter @iwonorganics

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics


it’s a kale of a dip!


curly kale, flat tuscan kale, blue kale, baby kale, no matter how you slice it, kale is a heck of a good thing! a superfood, in fact, as deemed by almost every top dietitian and nutrition expert out there. kale packs a nutrient punch with more iron per serving than beef. nothing compares to this leafy green superfood.

however, there is just one catch. kale is so high in fiber it doesn’t stick around in the body long enough for you to absorb all those rich nutrients. that’s why the clever people in the i won! kitchen have paired it up with yogurt, something fatty, in this delicious dip to help to slow down the digestion rate so you can enjoy all the benefits of this too-good-to-be-true food.

let’s get cooking!

it’s a kale of a dip!


  • 2 cups greek yogurt
  • 2 cups kale
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 cup marinated artichoke hearts
  • 2 oz sweet potato
  • 1 tbsp chives
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • stevia to sweeten


use a blender to finely chop all your raw veggies. then add to the greek yogurt and blend. season and sweeten to taste. enjoy with your favourite i won! protein chips.


it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics


the snack that says no to gmo

say no to gmo

remember the story of jack and the beanstalk? it’s about an organic farmer called jack who plants three magic beans he bought from someone he only knows as gmo. the beans grow freakishly fast overnight into a sky-high beanstalk and when jack wakes up in the morning and sees it for the first time, he thinks his luck has changed. instead the freaky beanstalk leads to a land of genetically modified beings that are unnaturally large for their species, with an unsavory habit for eating organic farmers like jack. but the giants underestimate jack’s cunning and resolve and he lives to save the day. the moral of this story is – say no to gmo!

gmo is not natural

call it magic or call it bio-engineering, it looks like jack’s beanstalk was an early version of gmo. how else would you explain its ability to grow so freakishly big and not fall over or fall victim to pests and insects? it’s not natural! and every day it seems there’s another super crop making its debut in the supermarket.

consider these facts about non-gmo:

  • 70-80% of the food you find on grocery shelves is gmo
  • currently in america, 10 genetically modified crops are in production, with more waiting to be approved
  • scientific studies have found cause to be concerned about gmo food and their link in the rise of certain health conditions like food allergies.
  • even the american academy of environmental medicine strongly advises doctors to prescribe non-gmo diets to their patients.

because, let’s face it – gmo is not natural.

say no to gmo!

unnatural is something we don’t understand, because only non-gmo ingredients go into our healthy snacks. we wear the non-gmo verified label like a badge of honor because we’re proud to be part of the organic community that supports sustainable farming. and because it’s our promise to you of a great tasting snack that’s good for you. all natural, 100% organic, non-gmo, you know you’re snacking on the best!

so say no to gmo and get snacking!

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics



that #iwonfeeling of giving back

that #iwonfeeling of giving back

when you get a taste of that #iwonfeeling you’ll be sharing it all day with everyone you meet. why? because feeling good puts a smile on your face and smiles are contagious.

when you’re smiling and sending out good vibes, it affects everyone around you. and that makes us feel good too. (you see how that works!) so, here’s one more reason to smile. while you’re snacking on i won! protein chips and feeling good about sticking to your healthy nutrition goals and eating organic, non-gmo snacks, you’re also making a conscious purchase that gives back to youth organizations and local communities around the u.s.

it’s all part of the i won! commitment to giving back:

i’m serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities, as I’ve done with the fitmark brand since its inception ~ mark samuel, founder and ceo, i won! nutrition.

so you see, with every bag of i won! protein chips that #iwonfeeling just keeps spreading. in a way, we planned it that way. because there’s no better feeling than knowing we put smiles on the faces of our customers and good eats in their tummies!

from the beginning it’s been our commitment to give back to the community and since the launch, you’ve helped to make it happen. so far we’ve donated enough healthy snacks to feed over 10k families in the san diego area thanks to the good work of the san diego food bank. A portion of all product sales is fuel for the community, and we’re giving back by empowering youth organizations across america.

we’re changing the game and impacting lives while doing it. I’m serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities, as I’ve done with the fitmark brand since its inception. We’re fueling families, literally and figuratively, with our healthy snacks and we can’t wait to see where it takes us! ~ mark samuel, founder and ceo, i won! nutrition.

that’s the #iwonfeeling of giving back. it starts with a healthy snack and ends with a smile.

that #iwonfeeling could be yours too! get it now!

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics



the perfect snack for back to school


perfect for break time, lunchtime, anytime your kids need something healthy to munch on. i won! chips are the healthy, organic snack that’s high in protein and big on crunch. you won’t believe how healthy and nutritious these snacks are, so check it out!

good for building muscles

made with 100% organic, non-gmo pea protein, these chips will satisfy your kids’ hunger and keep them feeling satisfied till mealtime. we chose pea protein for its many virtues. as a plant-based protein, it has an impressive amino acid profile and is high in branched chain amino acids. and that’s exactly what growing muscles need to make them big and strong!

good for building bones

but there’s more…as a rich source of manganese, pea protein rates pretty high. manganese is a mineral responsible for the healthy development of bones and it also helps with the absorption of calcium. for growing, active kids, it’s a vital nutrient for building bones. and i won! protein chips has bags of it!

good for the heart

pea protein is also rich in thiamine B1, folate B9, and arginine. together these micronutrients form a powerhouse in boosting the fitness of your heart. and we know you ‘heart’ your kids! so isn’t it nice to know that i won! protein chips deliver so much?

great on taste

with five great flavors to choose from (two of which are vegan), there’s a chip for every taste bud:

  1. sriracha
  2. ranch
  3. bbq
  4. sea salt
  5. cinnamon french toast

good for you!

each bag is guaranteed:

  • 20 grams of plant-based pea protein
  • 100% usda certified organic
  • non-gmo project verified
  • gluten-free
  • all natural

big on crunch!

but kids don’t care about all that nutrient nonsense! what they want is a great tasting chip that’s big on crunch. well, your kids are gonna love i won! protein chips! because they’re fun to eat! with the same great crunch as a tortilla chip, there’s not a dip you can’t delve into with these chips.

so go ahead and get creative! bag a few of these healthy snacks for your kids. perfect for back-to-school treats!

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics