i won! kitchen: get your salsa on!

iwon! Kitchen Get Your Salsa On

the i won! kitchen is bringing you another reason to dip some chips! so get your salsa on and tuck into one of these fresh and tasty recipes.

traditionally, salsa is slow cooked to get that infusion of flavors and spices, but who has time for that? this recipe is fresh, quick and ideal for sharing.

fresh salsa sizzle

ingredients (all organic)

2 cups diced tomatoes
3 chopped spring onions
¼ cup chopped red onion
1 chopped sweet red pepper
1 chopped yellow pepper
1 garlic cloves minced
1-2 tbsp organic chili powder (to taste)
1 tsp organic hot pepper sauce (to taste)
1 juiced lime
1/4 bunch chopped fresh coriander
1 tsp chopped jalapeno pepper (for garnish)

simply add all the ingredients together in a large bowl and mix together. you can make this in almost any size, as it keeps well in the fridge for 2-3 days. in fact, this salsa improves with age as the juices run off the tomatoes and soak up the spices and flavors.

ideal for dipping with your favorite i won! protein chip.

summer sweet salsa

ever thought of having salsa for breakfast or even dessert? you can choose your own combo of favorite fruits and get chopping! this next dip pairs up nicely with our cinnamon french toast flavor chips.

ingredients (all organic)

2 small diced peaches
1 cup diced strawberries
½ mango, peeled and diced
1 tsp chopped fresh ginger
1 tbsp chopped cilantro

just a few ideas to help you get your salsa on. when you have the protein chip with tortilla crunch, you just have to dip!

check out some of our other delicious recipes and stay tuned for more to come from the i won! kitchen.

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
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that #iwonfeeling: inspiring others to be their best

iwonfeeling @caligirlgetsfit

going after that #iwonfeeling every day is something i won! ambassador shannon michelle believes in wholeheartedly. driven by the desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle, she’s all about “promoting a balanced lifestyle through smart food choices and daily exercise.” she’s making a difference and spreading that #iwonfeeling by sharing delicious recipes, yummy photos, and encouraging her online followers to go after their goals.

i won! ambassador: shannon michelle (@caligirlgetsfit)
lifestyle: health and fitness blogger, commercial actress, fitness meetup leader, marketing professional
favorite i won! chips: sriracha

Someone recently came up to me at a fitness meetup to tell me that my words of encouragement inspired her to push harder and ultimately reach her goals.

that #iwonfeeling

that’s the #iwonfeeling that shannon shares with her followers on the daily. as the co-lead of the fitness meetup group in the san francisco bay area, shannon says she loves “helping others” and having a positive impact on their lives. Whether it’s showing someone the benefits of clean eating or encouraging her friends to accomplish their fitness goals, for shannon, that’s the #iwonfeeling.

The best feeling in the world for me is to know that I positively influenced another person to be their best.

the fitness journey

motivated by her mother’s own health issues several years ago, shannon wanted to learn all she could about living a long and healthy life. she told us:

After seeing my mom struggle, I wanted to become more knowledgeable about health and fitness, not only to help her in her journey but to also help others in my community to live a healthier lifestyle. It was from that point I started to educate myself about nutrition, and I began incorporating a consistent fitness and healthy eating plan into my daily routine.

living a healthy lifestyle

shannon keeps healthy by sticking to a regular fitness regime. she exercises 5-6 times a week and incorporates BBG, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, and strength training for “a well-rounded fitness routine.” it’s all part of her philosophy of finding balance and being mindful of what you put into your body. she told us:

I truly believe that health and beauty come from within. I meal prep Monday through Friday, with a cheat meal or two on the weekends!

follow shannon on instagram@caligirlgetsfit for delicious recipes, and check out her blog for more meal prep ideas @ caligirlgetsfit.com

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
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that i won feeling

that i won feeling

that i won feeling. it’s the feeling you get when you’re the first to cross the finish line. it’s the feeling you get when your kids learn to walk for the first time. it’s the feeling you get when you’re on the road to victory and about to crush the day. that’s the kind of feeling waiting inside every bag of i won! protein chips.

everyone has had that #iwonfeeling. those big moments in life when you’re feeling on top of the world. and those little moments when you dominate the day. no matter how big or small, when you achieve success, when you reach your goals, when you win the game – it’s the best feeling in the world.

“life is often compared to a marathon, but i think it is more like being a sprinter; long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best” ~ olympic gold medalist michael johnson

that #iwonfeeling is something you want to shout about

when you feel on top of the world, you want to shout it from the rooftops. that’s the #iwonfeeling. and we’re telling everyone! healthy, wholesome, sustainable ingredients, it’s the greatest tasting chip on the planet!

that #iwonfeeling is something you want to last

  • 100% organic
  • non-GMO
  • gluten free

with 20 grams of protein in each bag, it’s the kind of snack that keeps you feeling satisfied. which is why there’s so many great flavors to choose from (and more in the mix) to keep you coming back for more! for the really serious, there’s even an auto-renewal program, so you never run out of that #iwonfeeling!

that #iwonfeeling is something you want to share

it’s the kind of snack you want to share with your friends and family. because everyone should get to experience that #iwonfeeling. which is why we’re sharing a percentage of our profits with youth organizations in our community. giving back is the best feeling in the world.

that’s the #iwonfeeling and the kind of magic that goes into every bag of i won! protein chips.

what does that #iwonfeeling mean to you? tell us on instagram @iwonnutrition

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
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guilt-free healthy snacking

guilt free healthy snacks

it’s good to know that when you dive into a bag of i won! protein chips, you’re getting a healthy snack with all the right ingredients to keep you satisfied – guilt-free snacking that delivers a crunch to cure your cravings.

the art of snacking

the thing about snacks is that they’re really an in-between mini meal posing as something fun and forbidden! like chips! crunchy, salty, sometimes hot, sometimes sweet, chips rate high up on the list of snacks.

but snacks don’t have to be cheat meals. when you’re watching your diet, every morsel you eat counts toward providing energy, fueling your body, and feeding your muscles. you don’t want to waste a meal by throwing it away on empty carbs and calories.

the chip aisle

so when you find yourself lost to temptation and standing in the chip aisle clutching a bag or two of doritos like your life depended on it, just remember there’s an alternative. it’s why we invented the i won! chip. instead of feeling guilty about snacks, you can feel great!

that i won! feeling

you can have that i won! feeling in every bag of our protein chips. available in five tasty flavors and full of macro friendly ingredients, i won! chips pack a 20-gram protein punch and the crunch to beat a tortilla chip. you don’t need doritos when you have i won! chips!

guilt-free snacking

guilt-free snacking done right should consist of safe, sustainable ingredients that the whole family can enjoy. i won! chips come with the guarantee of wholesome ingredients that are:

  • 100% usda certified organic
  • non-gmo project verified
  • gluten-free
  • kosher

get the protein chip with an i won! attitude!

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics