5 facts you didn’t know about non-gmo


our protein chips are packed full of goodness. every ingredient has been carefully chosen to give you the healthiest snack on the planet. which means you won’t find anything that has been genetically modified in i won! protein chips. we’re strictly non-gmo.

but so what? why is that important?

1! non-gmo = natural

non-gmo is simply more natural, the way mother nature intended it. and that means it’s better for your health. in fact, the american academy of environmental medicine strongly recommends that doctors prescribe non-gmo diets. why? because it’s more natural.

2! non-gmo = healthy

more and more evidence is emerging that links genetically modified food to the rise in certain health conditions, including food allergies. but you don’t have to worry about that with i won! protein chips. with all natural, organic, non-gmo ingredients, you know exactly what you’re eating. as an added bonus, pea protein just so happens to be hypoallergenic and an ideal source of protein for people with allergies and food sensitivities.

3! non-gmo = food you can trust

unlike gmo food, non-gmo products must be labeled. if you don’t see the non-gmo project verification label, then it’s anybody’s guess what’s lurking inside your food. genetically modified ingredients hide out in all sorts of products:

if you’re serious about eating healthy, look for the non-gmo project label. it’s the only way to know for sure that you’re getting natural food.

4! non-gmo = how many snacks can say that?

non-gmo snack food is hard to find. even so-called healthy snacks can be loaded with gmo ingredients. if your snacks contain wheat or corn, then it’s more than likely a franken-snack! corn is found in everything and is the ruling king of gmo. it comes in 33 different varieties and accounts for 88% of all domestic corn in production. but you won’t find any of that in i won! protein chips. they’re simply the best!

5! non-gmo = because we care about the food we eat

keeping it fresh and natural is something we’re passionate about. living a healthy lifestyle and eating clean, non-gmo foods is something that’s also good for biological diversity and the ecological balance. and that’s important to the future and health of our kids.

i won! protein chips are proud to wear the non-gmo project verified label. it tells you that every single ingredient has been tested for purity all along the food chain. from the farmers and neighboring farms to the suppliers and food processors, nothing is left unchecked. it’s the healthy snack that’s in the know – it’s non-gmo!

check out one of our 5 fab flavors!

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another way to win at the vitamin shoppe

vitamin shoppe giveaway protein chips

now’s your chance to try the greatest protein chips on the planet! and you could also win a fitmark bag! here’s what you do:

enter to win a free fitmark bag

  1. get yourself over to the nearest Vitamin Shoppe location
  2. buy a bag (or 2) of one of our 5 fab flavors of protein chips
  3. take a photo of you with your bag of i won! protein chips
  4. upload to instagram
  5. add the tag @iwonorganics
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the fitmark team will choose a handful of winners each month!

since we joined the ranks of the vitamin shoppe earlier this month, we’ve been celebrating. these guys are super cool and we share a lot of the same values:

  • they want to help people achieve their health and wellness goals
  • they believe in fostering a health-inspired community
  • one way they put this into practice is by giving back
  • they share our goal of making every customer’s experience an exceptional one

with 801 locations across the country, now you all have the chance to try the greatest tasting protein chips on the planet!

these chips are the real deal

  • organic
  • non-gmo
  • gluten-free
  • 20 grams pea protein
  • macro friendly
  • paleo friendly
  • vegan friendly (3 flavors only)

so what’re you waiting for? get over to a vitamin shoppe today for your chance to win a fitmark bag. best of luck!

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get the fix on gluten

get the fix on gluten

one place you can be sure you won’t find wheat gluten is in our protein chips. you might find it just about everywhere else, but not here.

the problem with wheat gluten is that it’s everywhere. you might not realize it, but most processed foods contain wheat gluten in one form or another. it goes by many names. you can find it in baked goods, breads, crackers, fried foods, sauces, miso, pasta, soy sauce, preservatives, flavors, fillers…the list goes on and on.

you can’t escape it. and popular thought is that we’re consuming too much of it. just look at the global phenomenon known as the ‘wheat belly.’ the proof is in the pudding!

to break free of this gluten minefield and regain their flat tummies, people are opting out of a wheat-laden diet and going gluten-free.

what’s the big deal about gluten-free snacks?

for one thing, they’re hard to find. a couple of years ago, a study published in the european journal of clinical nutrition examined 158 gluten-free products in the usa. they found that only 5% of these products stood up to these claims. some of the products that went under the microscope were healthy snack foods, particularly protein bars and protein chips. again and again, many of these products were found to contain wheat gluten in the form of these barley-based ingredients:

  • malt
  • malt extract
  • malt syrup

is it really gluten-free?

the other thing is that many snack foods can contain gluten in one form or another, it’s just not very obvious. because gluten hides behind acronyms like tvp and innocent-looking ingredients like spices, seasonings, and vegetable gum. so you never really know what you’re eating half the time. here are some other guilty characters you don’t want to find in the ingredients:

  • protein additives like hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • flavor enhancers like smoke flavor, natural flavor
  • texture additives like flour, emulsifier, food starch

read the label

the first thing you’ll notice when you read our list of ingredients is that we didn’t leave anybody out. every ingredient is spelt out in simple terms, so you know exactly what you’re eating. you’ll also notice that our ingredients are organic, non-gmo, and high in (gluten-free) protein. we use pea protein because it’s hypoallergenic and one of the top protein sources recommended for people with gluten allergies and diet sensitivity.

wheat isn’t what it used to be, thanks to genetic engineering. modern day wheat is now almost 80% gluten and our bodies are beginning to notice the difference. that’s one of the reasons why our products are gluten-free. because it’s healthier and it makes you feel good.

click here to try one of our five fab flavors.

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giving back: there’s no greater feeling!

i won! gives back

from the very beginning we’ve been committed to giving back to the community. you could say, it’s the driving force behind everything we do.

i’m serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities, as I’ve done with the fitmark brand since its inception ~ mark samuel, founder and ceo, i won! nutrition.

because we love helping kids. and because there are so many families who need our support. we set out to share that i won! feeling by committing to paying it forward, and donating a portion of all product sales to youth organizations and local communities around the US. and now we’re doing it!

just recently, we donated enough snacks to feed over 10K families in the san diego area. thanks to the good people at san diego food bank. and that’s just the beginning.

we’re changing the health food game and impacting lives while doing it ~ mark samuel.

we’re going to continue spreading that feel-good, i won! feeling, with each and every purchase. and it’s all thanks to our loyal fans and customers. doesn’t it feel good to know you’re all a part of our giving back program?

in the end, everybody feels good, and everybody wins.

can we get an ~ i won!

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