how naked is your food?

How Naked Is Your Food?

as health nuts and fitness enthusiasts, we know all too well that diet is 80% of our success. we’re known for investing a lot of our time researching healthy meal plans, reading nutrition labels, and following our favorite healthfood brands online! we love trying different health foods and learning about new brands, and some of us are lucky enough to endorse some of them. you could say, we’re nutty about our food.

counting macros is one thing, but what about micros?

from counting macros, weighing and measuring portions, and tracking everything we eat, there’s not much that gets past us. we’re smart consumers and we love healthy food. but you just can’t be too careful. mystery ingredients lurk in our food. we’re talking about micro ingredients. all those chemicals, flavorings, colorants, scents, preservatives, and enhancers that go into a product. but there are other micro ingredients that you won’t find on the label and that’s pesticides!

avoid the dirty dozen

unless it’s organic, you can guarantee your produce has been treated with dna-altering pesticides. and the only way to avoid consuming these in the foods you eat is to go organic. but you don’t have to do it all in one go. that’s just going to run you into money troubles with the missus! but you can prioritize where your food budget will go and how large a portion of that will go towards organically sourced food.

a great place to start is to get to know your fruits and veg a little better. to help you, here’s a list of 12 foods, affectionately known as the ‘dirty dozen.’ if any of these culprits are on your daily menu, make sure they’re organic. why? because of all the fruits and veg, these contain the highest levels of pesticides:

  • apples, celery, sweet bell peppers, peaches
  • strawberries, nectarines, grapes (imported), spinach
  • lettuce, cucumbers, blueberries, potatoes

stick to the clean 15

maybe you recognize some of these next colorful characters from your own eat clean diet. they’re known as the clean 15 and are on the low-risk list:

  • onions, sweet corn, 
pineapples, avocado
, cabbage
sweet peas 
(our favorite!), asparagus, mangoes, eggplant, kiwi
 sweet potatoes, 

healthy, organic, high-protein snacks

now let’s talk about your snacks! just how healthy are they? can they brag a rich BCAA profile and 20 grams of protein in each serving? are they 100% organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, and vegetarian friendly? do you feel like shouting: i won! every time you eat them?

we’re talking about our healthy, organic protein chips. but not just any old protein, pea protein! it’s the new plant-based superfood! it boasts a rich nutrient profile containing high amounts of lysine and arginine, not to mention a brag-worthy BCAA ratio. this puts it up there with the best of them in post-workout snacks. Here’s why:

  • high lysine profile = improves calcium absorption
  • high arginine profile = improves endurance and post-workout recovery
  • high levels of glutamic acid = helps in carbohydrate metabolism

like you, we’re nutty about food and spend a great deal of our time researching the best ingredients. the only difference is, we decided to put them into the greatest protein chips on the planet! naturally!

have you tried them yet? Check out one of our 5 fab flavas!

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don’t panic! it’s organic!

Don't Panic, It's Organic!

with so many weird things happening to our food these days, it’s like we’re in the grips of some mad scientist fresh out of a sci-fi movie!

  • genetic modifications. (apples the size of melons!)
  • growth hormones. (chicken breasts the size of melons!)
  • pesticides. (bugs the size of melons!)

it’s enough to make you lose your…um…melon!

but there’s no need to panic, when you eat organic! because you know if it wears the organic label, it’s passed a series of tests along every juncture of its journey to the shelf. kind of like an obstacle race. does it have what it takes for a photo finish?

organic means quality

each ingredient that goes into a product marked ‘organic’ needs to produce a rap sheet to prove its street cred. questions need to be answered:

  • how was it raised?
  • does it measure up?
  • what about the neighborhood?

even the surrounding area has to pass the test. as any gmo farms in the vicinity pose the threat of cross-contamination. you don’t want to be downwind of one of those on the day they spray pesticides. you know what i’m saying?

organic food tastes better

eating organic foods feels good and it tastes better too! you can always tell if it’s organic just by the flavor. for one thing, it’s fresher because it’s locally sourced. and for another, it’s free of chemicals. gmo foods are pumped full of chemicals to make them stand up on the shelves longer than their natural lives intended it. those brightly colored fruits and veg may look impressive, but they’re all show. nothing tastes as good as organic.

organic is good for the planet

because organic farming practices help to replenish the soil. and create a sustainable environment for future crops to prosper. eating organic is good for the planet.

gmo farming does just the opposite. as more and more gmo farming practices take over…

  • the less sustainable the soil becomes
  • the more polluted the waters become
  • the more resistant pests become
  • the more determined the mad scientists become
  • the harder it is for organic farms to thrive

food doesn’t have to be a four-letter word

everybody’s a bit freaked out about the state of the food they eat. it’s understandable. but food doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. just stick to organic. it’ll take the worry out of eating and the stress out of mealtimes. not to mention, snacktime!

it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics



5 reasons why eating healthy feels oh-so good!

Eating Healthy Feels Good

have you ever wondered why eating healthy food makes you feel so good? we can think of many reasons. here are just a few:

healthy food elevates your mood

a balanced diet means a balanced mind. because so much of what we eat is necessary for our brain to fire on all cylinders. a well-nourished brain puts you in a good mood and you get that clear-headed feeling. it’s the food, the vitamins, the minerals, and everything necessary for your neurotransmitters, the spark plugs of the brain, to run at high performance.

your brain knows the difference

you can’t fool your brain. it knows what you eat! if the food you eat is garbage, your brain won’t let you get away with it, not without some guilt talk to keep you up all night! can you stand it? when the foods you eat are labeled organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, your brain will thank you, and so too will your body!

five flavors, five senses

eating healthy should be an indulgent experience for all five senses:

  1. touch: the excitement of holding a brand new bag of i won! protein chips in your hand.
  2. smell: that delicious aroma that greets you every time you open up a bag.
  3. sight: the crispy, golden hue of each chip.
  4. sound: the crunching sound of each bite.
  5. taste: the five fab flavors that tickle the tastebuds.

because eating healthy should always taste good!

crunchy food is fun food

everybody loves to crunch their food, don’t they? it all begins with the initial attack and the loudest crunch of all. followed by the quick succession of each bite, as you unleash the full flavor of each chip into your mouth. then the crinkle of the bag, as you delve in and pull out another delicious morsel…and that satisfying crrrunCH! good, healthy fun!

healthy snacks make us smile

what if we told you that a portion of the profits of each purchase of i won! protein chips goes towards supporting local youth organizations? it’s just another reason to feel good about the food choices you make. we’re serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities. we’re fueling families, literally and figuratively, with our healthy snacks and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!

we choose only organic ingredients, because they’re cleaner, they’re healthier and they make us feel good. what will you choose?

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it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics



you got that winning feeling!

that i won feeling


  • it’s the rush of reaching the finish line
  • it’s the thrill of victory
  • it’s about being a champ
  • and it’s just about the best feeling in the world

we all love to win. it could be winning at work, winning at school, or winning at the gym, it doesn’t matter. it all feels good.

why does winning feel so good?

scientists have been fascinated with this topic for years. some studies have revealed that most of us thrive on the excitement of competition. it gets us all fired up. we love a good challenge and we’re in it to win. here are a few of the other findings:

  • it doesn’t matter what game you’re playing, winning is winning. the brain doesn’t discriminate!
  • the same effect of winning can be achieved by setting tasks and completing them.
  • this feeling can be addictive.

according to the science, that feeling you get when you win is called an ‘alpha-burst’ brainwave. what we like to call that #iwon feeling! 

the best way to describe it is by comparing it to a firework going off in your brain. it lights up the pleasure centers in your brain, producing feel-good chemicals like dopamine. it happens every time we win at something.

athletes regularly experience this #iwon feeling. in fact, anywhere there’s the excitement of competition, you can pretty much find it. 

Dr Jolene Ross, Director of Advanced Neurotherapy explains:

“the brain releases a particular thing called the alpha-burst…this is basically the brain’s way of saying, ‘ahh that was good’. it happens in the brains of pilots when they land a plane, as soon as those wheels touch the ground.” 

but here’s another interesting fact that’ll surprise you. scientists found that winning stimulates the production of testosterone. it’s true! even women will get a surge of the muscle-building hormone when they win. because shouting, i won! makes us feel powerful – blame it on the testosterone!

is it beginning to make sense? that #iwon feeling? that moment of victory, when you can’t help but shout, i won! it feels good, doesn’t it? that was the feeling we wanted to capture in our crunchtastic protein chips. because winning at life is what we all want.

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it’s that #iwonfeeling!
i won! organics