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some very exciting news to share with you all. we’re taking down the house at the Vitamin Shoppe! now’s your chance to try the first, great tasting, organic, non-gmo protein chips. starting June 5th, i won! protein chips will be available at the Vitamin Shoppe in all 801 locations across the country!

that’s good reason to celebrate! so we thought we’d hold a contest. here’s what you to need to do for your chance to win:

  1. get yourself over to the nearest Vitamin Shoppe location
  2. grab a bag of one of our 5 fab flavors of protein chips
  3. take a photo of you with your bag of i won! protein chips
  4. upload to instagram @iwonnutrition
  5. add the hashtag #iwon
  6. you’ll be automatically entered to win a fitmarkbag of your choice

when you stop by your local Vitamin Shoppe, we know you’ll be in good hands. these guys are awesome. just take a look at some of the things we have in common:

  • they want to help people achieve their health and wellness goals
  • they believe in fostering a health-inspired community
  • one way they put this into practice is by giving back
  • they share our goal of making every customer’s experience an exceptional one

we hope you’ll love our chips as much as we do. we can’t wait to see your photos on instagram. good luck! and say ‘hi’ to everybody at the Vitamin Shoppe for us!

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there’s more to our chips than crunch: the virtues of pea protein

when you lead an active lifestyle, you know the difference between eating to curb your appetite and eating to fuel your body. basically, it all comes down to timing your meals and getting that healthy balance between proteins and carbs just right.

ideally with a high-protein diet, you want a range of healthy protein options from animal sources as well as vegetarian sources. the same goes for your snacks. that’s why organic pea protein is so perfect. not only is it high in BCAAs, but it’s also high in arginine.

that’s not all. turns out this powerful legume comes with all kinds of health benefits. and it just so happens to be the number one ingredient in our protein chips. let’s take a closer look at the virtues of pea protein.

the health benefits of organic pea protein

1! pea protein is high in BCAAs

you probably already know all about branched chain amino acids and how they help in muscle building and recovery. well, our friend the pea has BCAAs in spades. scoop for scoop, pea protein compares to whey protein 5 grams to 6. not bad odds, considering the size of a pea!

2! pea protein is high in arginine

peas, peas are good for the heart! because of their high levels of arginine, peas have the ability to strengthen the heart. not only that, arginine is a big hitter when it comes to “swole” muscles! according to a recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, pea protein is as effective as dairy-based proteins at developing muscle mass.

3! pea protein is hypoallergenic

pea protein is easy to digest and gluten free, which makes it the ideal choice for people with food allergies and low tolerance to animal protein sources. (please note: pea protein is also lactose-free, but some of our flavors contain milk.)

4! pea protein is high in fiber

high fiber is good news for so many reasons, not just cholesterol. for starters, it helps regulate blood sugar by controlling the rate of digestion. secondly, it helps reduce your total carbohydrate intake. also, fiber contains protein, and pea protein fiber helps to suppress the appetite. so you feel fuller for longer and less likely to nibble in-between meals. (of course, if you want to munch on a few of our protein chips, we won’t tell anyone!)

5! organic pea protein is the number one ingredient in our chips

it’s no accident we chose organic pea protein as our chief source of amino acids. for a healthy snack, our chips pack a protein punch with a total of 20 grams in each bag! as an alternative to healthy, high-protein snacks, our chips are also an alternative source of protein (and that’s good for the planet). with a rich amino acid profile and unbeatable taste, our chips make the perfect pre-workout or post-workout snack.

click here to try one of our five fab flavors.

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i won! organics