Arnold Fitness Expo ~ here we come!


we’re going to be making some noise at the Arnold’s this year in Columbus, Ohio – March 4 to 6, 2016 – crunch! crunch!

as our debut year on the natural health food scene, we couldn’t miss the greatest show on earth!

The Fitness EXPO is among the must-see attractions at the Arnold Sports Festival for many of the Weekend’s 185,000 attendees, and at just $20 per day is the best value in all of sports entertainment,” said Jim Lorimer, co-producer of the Arnold Sports Festival. “We have attracted all of the top industry companies that will all put together elaborate displays that will once again draw jam-packed crowds to the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

that’s right! we’re going to be rubbing elbows with the best of them. 50 sports and events, 18,000 athletes from more than 80 countries, 14 Olympic sports, and more than 1,100 expo booths – it’s guaranteed to be a fun-filled weekend.

we know all you fitness enthusiasts are going to love our all-natural, non-GMO, organic protein chips. with a whopping 20g of protein in each bag, these chips are a great alternative for snackers who need protein and crave a change from their standard protein bars or shakes. we choose only organic ingredients, because they’re cleaner, they’re healthier and they make us feel good.

we can’t wait for you to try our great-tasting protein chips. so make sure you stop by booth #611 and pick up a free bag to munch on while you enjoy the rest of the show.

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bringing all natural to the Natural Products Expo West


we’re excited to announce that we’ll be at the Natural Product Expo West in Anaheim, California – March 9-13, 2016.

now in its 36th year, the Natural Products Expo is the world’s largest, premier tradeshow for the natural, organic and healthy products industry. showcasing some 3,000 vendors from 1,800 different companies and 113 countries, this show draws a crowd of about 72,000 every year, and covers a space of over 1 million square feet. it’s the ideal place to experience the latest products and discover ones you’ve never heard of before.

Each year thousands of natural product businesses showcase their hottest and newest natural, organic and healthy products at Expo West ~ Adam Andersen, show director, Natural Products Expos.

this event is an exciting lineup of educational workshops, keynote speakers, morning yoga sessions, and live music, not to mention some of the greatest tasting, natural products on the market.

stop by the i won! nutrition booth (#9601) and sample some of our delicious flavors:

  • sea salt
  • bbq
  • ranch
  • sriracha
  • cinnamon french toast

our all-natural, great-tasting, non-GMO, organic, protein chips are more than just a snack for health conscious, active, fitness enthusiasts. they’re also changing the game and impacting the lives of families in our local neighborhoods. because we’re serious about giving back to the youth organizations across America. drop by our booth, and we’ll be glad to share the whole story with you, and more!

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falling in love with healthy food again

falling in love with healthy food again

remember when you were a kid and hated eating your vegetables? anything green was enough to make you, well, turn a certain shade of green! but then you got your first taste of fresh produce – peaches & cream corn on the cob, picked fresh that morning; spring peas popped fresh from the pod; crunchy, sweet carrots pulled straight from the ground – and everything changed forever. your relationship with food took on a whole, new shape – a heart shape – and you longed to discover more.

falling in love with food again begins with curiosity and asking a lot of questions. what the heck am I eating? what the heck are my children eating? where does the food i eat come from? finding the answers will take you on an exciting journey into the unknown, to the outer reaches of the supermarket, where the fresh fruits and vegetables hide out. it’ll take you beyond the produce section into the exotic depths of the organic aisle. and sometimes it’ll require a trip to a specialty supermarket or local farmers’ market.

on the weekends, this love affair will take you on an adventure into the country to visit a few local, organic farms. here you’ll pick your own fruit and veg, gather free-range eggs, and order a month’s worth of organic chicken. okay, maybe that’s taking the metaphor a bit far, but the point is – falling in love with healthy food requires real commitment and that’s something we’re passionate about. but why go to all this trouble to eat healthy food?

for us, at i won! organics, it’s all about giving back. on a personal level, this means eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. on a local level, this means supporting the community we live in by buying local, organic food. on a global level, this means supporting a world of healthy, sustainable food – and that’s good for the future generations of this planet. on a business level, this means using organic, non-gmo ingredients in all our products, and making the greatest-tasting protein chips you can buy. why? because all product sales are fuel for the community, and we’re giving back by empowering youth organizations across america:

we’re changing the game and impacting lives while doing it. i’m serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities, as I’ve done with the fitmark brand since its inception. we’re fueling families, literally and figuratively, with our healthy snacks and we can’t wait to see where it takes us! ~ mark samuel, founder and ceo, i won! organics

falling in love with healthy food has never been so easy. all it takes is that first bite and your life will take on a whole new flavor.

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a grassroots approach to eating healthy


most of us are proud to say we eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle, but what does that really mean? eating clean is not just about eating more greens and eliminating processed foods from your diet. it’s about eating organic foods that offer the highest and safest, nutrient-dense foods you can find.

but it’s not as easy as it sounds. for starters, the organic offering at most supermarkets is limited at best. you have to be a bit of a detective to hunt them down. in fact, most grocery stores only stock about 1% of organic food. some have an organic produce section, but even those don’t seem to offer much promise with their selection of puny bananas and shriveled greens. it just doesn’t seem good value for money.

thankfully, we’re getting better at regulating and labeling food. and we’re seeing more and more specialty markets opening up that carry only organic, non-gmo food. the easiest way to identify a safe food source is to look for the USDA Organic label. If an item carries this label, like i won! protein chips, then you know you’re getting high quality food, and that’s good for you!

to be certified organic, farmers and food processors need to comply with certain strict standards:

  • soil must be considered safe for growing crops
  • crops must be free of modifications
  • organic crops must not come into contact with contaminants from regular crops
  • no synthetic pesticides are allowed
  • no gmos are allowed
  • the use of petroleum-based fertilizers is forbidden
  • the use of sewage sludge-based fertilizers is not allowed
  • animals must be able to range freely outside
  • livestock must eat only organic feed/food
  • animals must be free of antibiotics, growth hormones and animal by-products

what this means is that when you opt for the cheaper, non-organic options, you’re consuming products that could be full of antibiotics or growth hormones, or produce laden with pesticides and herbicides, or food that has been genetically altered in some way. do you really want to eat food that has been grown in sewage sludge-based fertilizer? doesn’t sound very appetizing, and all of a sudden paying more for organic food begins to make more and more sense.

it’s good to know that there are such strict regulations in place. so when you buy an organic product like i won! protein chips, you know you’re getting only the highest quality ingredients. organic means safe, healthy and nutritious. organic also means a healthier planet, and that makes us feel good.

with an extra kick of protein, i won! protein chips are the natural choice. we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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