big snack little to zero sugar

the big snack with little to zero sugar

for the i won! organics snacker, it’s all about eating right for your health. as health enthusiasts, the idea of ‘snacking’ is not about cheating and giving into your chocolate and sugar cravings. snacking for the health conscious consumer is a daily opportunity to feed your body with something nutritious. but not everybody sees it […]

A Fresh Look At Snacking

a fresh look at snacking

healthy, healthy, healthy! that’s what we like! especially when it comes to snack cravings. whether you snack because you’re hungry or you snack because your cravings won’t shut up, healthy is the new way of snacking, guilt free! so isn’t it time for a fresh look at your snacks? people love to snack! people are […]


love to dip

sharing a bowl of dip with your favorite hunny is one of those tantalizing occasions that brings couples together. our chips bring healthy people together, because they’re wholesome, organic, and perfect for dipping. plus they taste good! i won! organics ambassador christina thompson, aka ms. fit foodie, agrees. she likes to celebrate her love for […]

what runners eat to refuel

what runners eat to refuel

runners know that after a long run, you need to fuel up and replenish those hard-working muscles. you need nutrient-dense foods with enough carbs, protein and fats to aid in your post-workout recovery. here’s one suggestion from i won! organics ambassador and nutrition health coach, edith agoston that we like to think of as a […]

good for plant powered athletes

good for plant-powered athletes

when you realize that the source of all protein is plants, it makes sense that more and more athletes are adopting a plant-based diet. but this doesn’t hold true with the common belief that you need animal protein and whey to build and repair muscle. so we turned to nutritionist and wellness consultant, dina aronson, […]